Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sicky sickerton

Over the weekend I noticed Jack felt a little warmer than usual, but chopped it up to teething because he wasn't acting any different. Well yesterday morning I took him to daycare and told Tonya he felt a little warm that morning so I gave him Tylenol, but that I thought it was just teething and told her to call me if he got any worse...9:15am I get a text from Tonya saying his temp shot up to 102 - 103 degrees! Needless to say I HAD to go get him.

On my way I scheduled him an appointment to see the doctor (or nurse practitioner since our doctor works at a satelite clinic on Mondays and the other doctor at the clinic was booked FULL). In the mean time Jack is fussy and just wanted to sleep and sleep! We got to the clinic and didn't wait long before we were seen by the doctor (he was loopy and I was not impressed), but he said it looks like he has some type of bacterial infection mixed with a sinus infection - say what? Anyway, he said his lymph nodes in his neck were swollen and there was lots of redness and swelling in his nose. We got an antibiotic and he sent us on our way...

I thought - easy enough... until I checked my voicemail last night only to hear Tonya saying, "I won't be open tomorrow. After you picked Jack up this morning Piper (her 3 year old) spiked a 104 degree temp and they took her to the doctor (after her husband got home from work at 2pm) and they think she either has 1) Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease or 2) Fifth's Disease"...GREAT! I'm familiar with HFandM as it has already made it's rounds through daycare since Jack started, but I still need to look into what 5th's is? Needless to say now I'm FREAKING out b/c I'm hoping Jack doesn't have one of these common/fairly common childhood illnesses that our doctor, I mean nurse practitioner who obviously didn't specialize or even see babies that often, wouldn't be familiar with...I guess I'll just have to see how today goes.

Jack is home with Chris today since I was out of the office yesterday...I'm taking bets on what time everyone thinks it will be before Chris calls me and says, "What is his problem? He has been crying and screaming ever since you left!" Haha!