Monday, July 25, 2011

Official Blog Announcement!

If the new ticker at the top of the blog didn't give it away already, we are happily expecting Baby Spear #2! We found out super early, like before I even missed my cycle so to me it seems like I've been pregnant FOREVER!

We had our first appointment with Dr. Shaw on Friday, July 15th and everything looks great! We had about 1,000 tubes of blood drawn, a pelvic exam, and an ultrasound! This time baby looked more like a gummy bear, where as Jack looked like a tiny shrimp the first time we saw him!

Baby's heartrate was a healthy and soaring 178 beats/minute! I've been feeling pretty good for the most part, just extremely tired and food just doesn't sound good most days - but I can't complain too much b/c I know it could be much worse for sure!

Baby's official due date is February 9th 2012!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I thought I should post an update on us since it's been awhile, but I really don't have much to say b/c it has been HOT and when its hot this Momma don't do outside! :-)

Jack has been spending a lot of time at his Papa and Meme's house on the weekends so that Chris and I can try to finish getting our house in order, I'd say we are 85% of the way there. I finally got some pictures up and put around, but I know everything will be moved around 100 million times due to my OCD-ness! I got so mad at Chris once he made me put out pictures b/c he knows I HAVE TO move them 100 times before I decide to leave them alone. I'm not talking move them across the room or to another part of the house, I'm talking moving them centimeters! :-) Chris thinks it's funny, me - not so much!

Last weekend Chris and I did take a mini-vacation to Branson, just the two of us! It was HOT! Chris shopped til he dropped and I complained about it being hot! Chris did buy my a new Coach purse, so that was GREAT! We shopped, slept, ate, and swam - it was nice! No schedule, no places we had to be - NICE!

Jack is talking more and more every week, it's so cute! I'm starting to get concerned though b/c he only wants to do 3 activities/play - #1 Play Ball (baseball), #2 Ping (swing), and #3 Jump (on the trampoline). He has ZERO interest in ANYTHING else and it drives me nutso! I'm sure it's a phase and it will pass, hopefully sometime soon! I'm so sick of playing ball! :-)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011