Thursday, December 29, 2011

34 Week Update

34 Weeks Today!
Wow, it's been awhile since I posted! Work has been nuts and I'm just plain tired to do anything that isn't 100% unnecessary these days. There isn't much new in BS2's world. She is a big girl and she likes to be on the move! She gave me a bit of a headache the last couple weeks as she decided to flip around and become BREECH! Thankfully on yesterday's ultrasound, she was back to being head down, let's just hope she stays that way. I started having weekly Bio-Physical Profiles (BPP) done at 30 weeks, which is basically a quick ultrasound that looks for certain things and is kind of like a pass/fail test. They look at baby's measurements, breathing, movements, and fluid levels, you want to score an 8 out of 8 (2 points for each item) and so far BS2 has scored perfect each week.
I go back for one final appointment with Dr. Bennett at Childrens Mercy in KC on January 9th. I'll be interested to see how big she is by then. The last time we were there at 30 weeks she was in the 76th percentile and I can't remember how much she weighed, but it was alot! On my weekly ultrasounds she keeps creeping up in the 80-some percentile for her size. My mom is going to get to go with me for this last trip to KC because Chris will be traveling, I think she will like getting to see the ultrasound. I'm not even sure they had them when I was born? And the ones in KC are so good and clear and they do the 3D/4D stuff, I'm pretty excited she will get to go and see it!
It looks like we will induce at 39 weeks, unless she comes earlier than that on her own...I was really hoping for a January baby, but oh well - Dr. Shaw said there is no way I'm talking her into inducing before 39 weeks...but I'll keep trying each and every time I see her!
Jack enjoyed Christmas so much this year, it was great! He was really into opening the presents and his canned response was, "That's Awesome!" It was pretty cute. I'll try to do a Christmas post if I can get some pictures from the day from a few people because of course I didn't take fail!
And now...pregnancy highlights!
Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 34 Weeks
Weight Gain: 15 Pounds
Maternity Clothes: Pants - Yes, I can still wear my regular dresses and most tops though.
Gender: Girl
Movement: Constant, she rolls and rolls...
Symptoms: The tiredness is back with avengence
Cravings: Jalapenos, McD's, Diet Dr. Pepper
BS2 Stats
Food Size: Cantaloupe
Weight: 4 and 3/4 pounds
Length: 18 inches
Developmental Info: Her fat layers are filling out, her nervous system and lungs are also both continuing to mature.