Tuesday, September 29, 2009

4 Month Birthday!

Yesterday was Jack's 4 month birthday! Yea! Not too many new things this month, he still isn't rolling yet (although I have witnessed him roll from back to side once, but that's it) which I'm not too concerned with, but I really wish he would!

One new big thing is his growling! Ha! Two weekends ago I was talking to him like the guy on Star War's - the one that says "Luke I am your Father" or whatever he says and ever since then he has been "growling" at everyone! It's so cute and I can't believe he caught on and it's even more funny b/c he does it on purpose. If he starts out with his normal voice you can see him readjust until it comes out in his growl voice!

We also had our first Parents As Teachers home visit yesterday and I talked with Dacia - that's our Parent Educator - about him not rolling and she said by the SOUND of it he is focusing much more on his vocal skills/development then on his motor skills, which made me feel a little better! I was so proud of him! He did so good while Dacia was at the house he played and talked and talked and talked and flashed smiles constantly! I was worried b/c now that he is going to bed at 7 - anytime after 6 a meltdown can happen, but he did great!

Here is a Quick Milestone Recap for the Month!
Talking non stop!
Actually understand the Jumperoo now and knows how to make it make music and noises - he has tied the bouncing to the music so that when the music stops he knows to bounce!
He is also getting really good at sitting up - this past weekend he has started to do "mini crunchers" trying to sit up whenever he is sitting reclined! It's really funny - he even tries to sit up in his carseat, but when it's buckled he doesn't get too far!
Another big milestone if sucessful is that we are in the process of weaning him off his Nutramigen formula and so far we are at 75% Parents Choice and 25% Nutramigen - he has been handling it well so far, the only thing I notice is that he isn't having as many BM's, but that's to be expected!
Hopefully next month there are more motor milestones to talk about, but vocally and visually Dacia was impressed!
We aren't going to the Dr. until next week b/c I hear the 4 month shots are a bear and we have a busy weekend planned! Ha!

Friday, September 25, 2009

4 Month Sleep Regression...We gots it!

So I read a few different forums for Jack's birth month - it's a bunch of mom's with babies all born in May, you can ask questions and give advice and most of it is all relevant since the babies are so close in age. Anyway since Jack is towards the end of the month - the 28th! I have kept seeing posts about a 4 month sleep regression and all these mothers talking about how their babies that had previously been sleeping through the night were now waking 1,2, and even 3 times a night to feed or just be awake and I kept thinking to myself these women are crazy - what would cause a baby to do this other then maybe a growth spurt? So I basically ignored the posts and moved on - well now that we are getting ever so close to Jack's 4 month mark he has started waking again at 3:30am like clockwork every night! EVERY NIGHT! I'm dying here! Ha! He doesn't necessarily seem hungry, just awake and cranky b/c I know he is still tired but awake for some reason. I'm at a loss as to what to do?! I usually don't move a muscle once he starts stirring for fear I will wake him up more, I just lay there and pray that he will go back to sleep, but nope he stirs, stirs more, starts babbling, babbles louder, then the crying starts. I then try to give his button to him, which doesn't help anything. So I will pick him up change his diaper (at which time he is all smiles and wide-eyed) and then I try to get him back to sleep by rocking (I know - rocking, grr....but I have no other option then to let him cry and I'm not doing that - yet!), and if that won't calm him I will resort to feeding him, but only like 3-4 ounces, he eats and then goes back to sleep until 6 - 6:30am.

I'm so tired of him suddenly waking up again - it started last weekend and I'm at a loss as to what to do to stop it. I haven't read/researched the whole sleep regression theory much, but no one has mentioned a way to stop it or help it return to normal...

And I have to mention after barely eating 2/3 of his normal intake last week for about 5 or 6 days (only 20 ounces on some days - usual was 30-32 oucnes), he has now been downing 35-40 ounces a day since this past Sunday!

We have also started the process of weaning off the Nutramigen or as I call it "I'm totally broke thanks to my kid's gas" formula to Parent's Choice Gentle formula. I figure if I go with the cheap stuff now then maybe these first 4 months of $40+/week to feed him will even out by the time he is 1 year old! We'll see how it goes... Oh and next week we get to look forward to our 4 month shots and in addition to just the shots and general crankiness they can cause, vaccinations (the Rotavirus vaccine in particular) causes Reflux Flares! GREAT!!!!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Picture Update

Mom - it is WAY too early for pictures (these were taken in the AM before we left to start our day)!
I'm not going to smile! I'm TIRED!
OK - Just one Big Smile!
Ready for our afternoon walk!
He zonked out towards the end of the walk!
These are old, but this is him reaching for, grabbing, and holding on to his first toy!
I got it!
What are you so excited about, Mom?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mexican Fiesta

Jack attended his FIRST FIESTA Saturday in Chanute! He didn't seem to hate it or enjoy it - he basically zonked out b/c he was in the stroller and the ride was pretty bumpy so he was out quick! I was stressed b/c there seemed to be so many misquitos! I'm covered, Chris isn't, and I haven't found any bites on Jack yet either..whew!

We also attempted family pictures with my Dad and Stacy, Derek, Adrianne and Addy Saturday afternoon, but Jack didn't so much cooperate! It was during nap time and he wasn't having it! I was sad too b/c Mandy (the photographer) had so many cute props for the babies! I'm so jealous b/c Addy got to wear the cutest tootoo's and pearls and bows! Why isn't there cute stuff like that for boys? Although she did have the cutest crocheted "elf" hats - they were basically stocking hats with long tails on them - we tried to get some cute pictures of Jack with one, but he really wasn't in the mood. He didn't scream, but he would NOT smile! Which stinks b/c he is usually all smiles!

I think we will be able to view them online - if so I'll post the link once I get it!


1/2 Swaddle + No Boppy Lounger!

That's right! We are down to only swaddling Jack's lower half! He was starting to just get too hot in his Miracle Blanket since it's cooler at night and the air isn't kicking on as often and he was starting to wake up like at 3:30am b/c he was hot and sweaty! After a few nights of these HOT FITS I decided to bite the bullet and try leaving his arms out of his swaddle...and he did great! He slept just as good as a full swaddle, except he looks much cuter now while sleeping!

Another big weekend milestone - he is OFF THE BOPPY LOUNGER! That's right (again!) he is now sleeping just on his pack n play bassinet mattress and crib wedge (for reflux) even though now that he has the ability to move from not being on the lounger and his arms being out he MOVES alot during the night! He starts out on his wedge feet facing EAST, then he will be turned feet facing NORTHEAST, then he will turn even more feet facing NORTH...he hasn't made a complete 180 yet, but I think it will come! One night he turned one way and the next the other way - it's so cute! Although now that he isn't necessarily sleeping on an incline since he is moving so much I thought his reflux might act up, but it hasn't seemed to bother him one bit! Yea!

So this week I'm going to do 1/2 swaddle then this weekend I'm going to try nothing and just a footed sleeper - Tonya and I were talking and he definitely has an issue with his feet being uncovered, but I'm hoping that if his sleepers have the footies he will be OK?!?! We shall see.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick Update

Jack seems to finally be feeling better! Yea! We went back to the Dr. on Friday afternoon because I did not want to go a 3 day weekend with him not being seen and wondering if/when he was going to get better!? It would have drove me nuts!

I'm feeling better too, still a tiny bit of a sore throat, but that's it.

Chris is gone for work again this week and won't be back until late Thursday night so Jack and I are on our own again!

Jack's sleeping has been a day-to-day thing. Some nights he sleeps just fine through the night, and others not so much, but I've decided we are not doing "planned" middle of the night feedings anymore. He is drinking 30-32 ounces during the day and that's all he needs based on his weight and he has demonstrated the ability to not need a middle of the night feeding! That said, I have had to feed him in the middle of the night probably 3 times since we started letting him sleep and they are smaller feedings. It's just so hard because his Prevacid has to be given on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before a meal...yeah, crap! So if he wakes at 4am I have to feed me, but then how do I work the empty stomach and 30 minutes only a couple hours later before we have to go to daycare and work? It's a struggle some mornings and I've been findiing myself getting up anytime after 5am to give him his meds just in case he wakes early, if all goes as planned I get up at 6am, give him his meds and let him sleep while I get ready and then feed him around 6:30am - but that doesn't always happen! Oh well...we'll get there or maybe he will just outgrow this REFLUX -

Dear Jack, Please stop refluxing and just grow out of it will ya? Ha! They say anywhere from 6 months to a year and a half - let's hope it's closer to 6 months!

That's all I got for now - 30 more minutes and I get to go pick up Baby J!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bad Week

The week started out SO good - Jack slept through the night two nights in a row, and thing everything went downhill! He has a sinus infection and is on Amoxicilin and has to take it for 14 days! So needless to say he can't breathe that well while sleeping and also coughs due to the drainage - so naps and night-time sleep has become less and less as everyday passes. He only slept a total of 2 hours at Tonya's yesterday! He also spit up a ton of mucus and vomitted up his lunch - the medicine can make them nauseous and vomit. He went to bed a little after 7 I assumed because he didn't nap well, and thought it really shouldn't wouldn't make a difference in his night sleep since he usually goes down anywhere between 7:30 and 8:30 - he slept until 10:00 and Chris fed him again, then headed to the bedroom. He didn't sleep soundly the entire night and then started crying at 2:45 so I thought - weird he never wants to eat this early, but went ahead and gave him a bottle, he settled down afterwards but as soon as I went to put him back on his lounger he was wide awake and thought it was play time. He played for an hour before I woke up Chris and said I had to get some sleep (I'm on antibiotics too for an upper respiratory infection) because I wasn't feeling well so I went to the living room, well 45 mintues later Jack was having a meltdown so I went back to the bedroom, got him calm and he fell asleep for 30 minutes and then was awake again crying! I gave him his prevacid pill b/c it has to be given at least 30 minutes before a meal, changed him, and then swaddled him and swayed, shooshed, gave him his button, layed him on his side in my arms and the gradually drifted off to sleep (The Happiest Baby on the Block method - works like a charm almost EVERY time I really recommend the book or DVD to all new parents!). I dream fed him at 6:15 and then he went right down on his lounger and he was OUT! I went ahead and washed bottles, got myself ready for the day, then took a quick 15 cat nap before getting Jack dressed and we were out the door!

I'm hoping all of this behavior is because he is sick and not some really bad night-time issues beginning to rear it's ugly head! I also think he might be in the middle of his 3 month growth spurt b/c he is wanting to eat an ungodly amount of formula the past couple days!

We'll see what the next few days bring - assuming I'll survive on no sleep and antibiotics and a head that feels like it might just EXPLODE!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

3 Month Pictures

Jack's 3 Month Pictures from this past weekend are now online! I love how they turned out! Here is the link: http://www.photoreflect.com/pr3/store.aspx?p=48091

Go to the Recent Photos section, Click Jack Spear.

The password is Nolan