Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Thinking

I've been thinking alot lately about how the next 8-9 weeks and beyond are going to play out, which of course brings about tons of random thoughts like:
1. How big am I going to get?
2. How much more uncomfortable will I be?
3. Will he please come early?
4. Will I know when I'm in labor?
5. What will the contractions feel like?
6. Will I have a husband at the end of the whole labor and delivery process? Haha!
7. Will I really be able to "push" him out?
8. What if his head is BIG like Chris'? OUCH!
9. This is really going to hurt!
10. What if I can't do it and have to have a c-section?
11. Will he have hair or not? Hopefully he does!
12. What is he going to look like?
13. Will he be "white" or "tan"?
14. Light eyes or dark?
15. Will I be one of those mom's whose child is obviously UGLY, but I just don't see it?

See tons of random and somewhat silly thoughts and ideas!

I did have a dream over the weekend that I was giving birth and every went wrong! Here's the short version: I was pushing and pooped! And Chris wouldn't help me (for some reason there wasn't a doctor present) get rid of the poop and just kept saying I'm not coming near that! Haha! Then after that I refused to push anymore b/c I was affraid of doing that again. Finally I pushed and the baby just came out and I didn't even feel anything - it didn't hurt at all!

The lesson I learned from this dream - I'm going to poop and I've set myself up for extreme disappointment by thinking pushing the baby out is NOT going to hurt!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Dr. Appointment Update

This morning we had our routine doctor appointment (we go every two weeks now instead of once a month). Everything looked good except my weight - more on that in a minute. My blood pressure was 120/60, the baby's heartbeat was 162, and she said the ultrasound from 2 weeks ago dated us at May 29th instead of June 3rd for the big day! I got super excited when she said that, but she quickly followed up with, "But that's just an estimate and I'm not going to change your due date, but you might just come a little early."

As far as weight goes, brace yourselves...I gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks since our last appoinment!!! OMG! Dr. said it was probably mostly fluid, especially since I started swelling early last week and probably retaining more fluid. But needless to say I'm not happy, but it's just so hard to be "on a diet" right now! I've just pretty much given up on the weight thing....


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Are You Feeling?

"Oh, me? Not so great anymore!"

That's right, I think I've hit the "I feel good wall" and it feels like there is most definitely no return! It's hit me like a ton of bricks and quickly!

Here is my list of complaints:
1. Swollen feet and ankles (or "prankles" as we like to call them).
2. TIRED: can't sleep, never comfortable, wake up every hour on the hour
3. Upset/uneasy stomach
4. Some mild stomach pains (maybe BHC but I'm not sure what they are supposed to feel like so I could be wrong)
5. Numb/Tingling feet and hands, primarily at night in bed
6. Itchy, Itchy, Itchy
7. I'm becoming a "Weeble-Wobble" or at least that's what Chris said I look like, especially while trying to do stretches and stuff on the floor b/c I will just lose my balance and topple over!
8. Breaking out slightly, guess the hormones are kicking in again
9. Can't reach my feet with ease, lotioning is becoming a big PAIN as well as tying shoes
10. Slight shortness of breathe when sitting - MUST SIT UP SUPER STRAIGHT!!
11. Oh, I can't forget the never-ending constant stream of trips to the bathroom!

All this and I have 10 weeks to go!?!?


I guess that's about it

Friday, March 20, 2009

Let The Swelling Begin

I have been super lucky thus far with the whole swelling and soreness factor. And up until 2 days ago I was still wearing my 4 inch stiletto heels to work everyday...well not anymore! On Tuesday afternoon I sat at my desk and thought, "Man, my feet feel tight!" I looked down and my poor feet were trying to squish their way out of my heels! I took the right shoe off and immediately was like, "OMG, better put that back on or else I'm going to be barefoot until I get home from work!" I called Chris, who is always calm and collected, and asked if I should go to the doctor or at least call the doctor b/c I hadn't had any swelling and why now all of the sudden was I swelling? My thoughts, preeclampsia or high blood pressure - all the possible negatives. Chris said, "You might as well call or else you are going to freak out about it for the next week!"

So I called, they called me back and this was our convo:
Nurse: "Well, have you ate a lot of salty foods lately?"
Me: I think to myself, "Does an entire bag of Santitos Tortilla Chips count as alot?" then I reply, well yeah, maybe a little more then normal. HAHAHA!
Nurse: "That's probably it then, and what kind of shoes are you wearing?"
Me: "Four inch stilettos!"
Nurse: "Are you serious? How far along are you?"
Me: "29 weeks!"
Nurse: "Are you serious? Get out of those shoes, girl!" HAHAHA!
There was more to the conversation, but nothing too interesting or funny! She did say if the swelling didn't go down once I got home and put my feet up or by the morning I could come by the clinic anytime and they would check my blood pressure and do a urine to make sure I'm not showing signs of preeclampsia.

The swelling does go down every evening, but starts again once I get out of bed, but they haven't been as bad as they were Tuesday - must of been the chips! HAHAHA! I really wish I would have taken a picture - it was SO gross, especially after I went for a walk Tuesday evening on top of the CHIPS!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Holy Hotness!

"Did you turn the HEATER up?"

This has been a fairly consistent question for me lately; whether it be at work, home, or anywhere else. It seems someone has played a mean, nasty trick on me and turned my internal heater on for sure! I'm always a fairly cool/cold person, but the last about 5 days or so I've been burning up and it sucks!

I feel like my hands are constantly midly swollen just because I'm constantly warm - my ring is no longer on my finger, and I just want to strip all my clothes off! Ugh and I still have 11 weeks to go!?


Thursday, March 12, 2009

28 Weeks!

I just love seeing myself grow EVERY SINGLE WEEK....ugh!

Jack's Room - Progress

Can you believe the difference in little Jack's room already compared to the pictures i posted a few weeks ago! Major improvment! I'm going home this weekend and my mom is going to sew the curtains and some pillows, so hopefully next week it will look even better! I'm so excited, Chris has done a great job so far!

3rd Ultrasound

We had our 3rd, but not last, ultrasound this morning! Does everyone remember the whole "dialate kidney" issue? Well, that was the reason for the ultrasound, plus they were concerned about his size b/c I had been measuring big.

The ultrasound went great, although I wasn't as impressed with the tech that did the ultrasound today - not very personal and wouldn't turn the TV screen on until she was done with all her measurements. Then she only let us see him for about 4 minutes as she QUICKLY ran through some of his parts and took pictures - hopefully I can get Chris to scan those in the next couple days so that I can post them! We got a pretty good one of his face and we got to see BOTH his boy parts! Last time at 20 weeks his jewels were there yet, but now they are and boy did they look HUGE! Anyone remember the guy from HS with the big ones? Let's just hope Jack's aren't like that!

After the ultrasound I had an appointment with the doctor. She had already reviewed the ultrasound images and said; 1. Now both kidneys look dialated, not just the right one, but that they are both less dialated then the one was at 20 weeks. She said this was good since he is bigger, but the kidneys are smaller or less dialated. Still no blockage and since they were equally dialated she is sure it's just the way he is growing and she isn't concerned. 2. Jack is measuring a bit on the big side - 50th percentile is average, Jack measured in the 65th percentile. 3. I have extra fluid, not too much extra, but extra - so between him being a little big and me having extra fluid that's why I'm measuring big when she measures me. Today I measure 29.5 - 30 inches and I'm only 28 weeks, so a couple inches big.

So all in all nothing too exciting or anything to be concerned with. She does want to follow his kidney development up until birth so we have a 4th ultrasound in 4 weeks! She said is the kidneys are still dialated up until birth our pediatrician will continue to monitor him, but that it usually corrects itself, and since it's already smaller then before that's a good sign.

Hopefully 28 week pictures tonight and the "half-way" point of Jack's room pictures!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

27 Weeks!

I actually think I look smaller this week, but it must just be the shirt - maternity clothes can be deceiving! Haha!

26 Weeks!

I never got around to posting these last week, but here they are...26 Weeks!


Bring On The Sweets

I just called my doctor's office to see if they had received my Glucose Test results yet because the are one of those offices that doesn't call unless something is abnormal, but I never know how long is long enough before you can assume things must be normal....

So they had and it was NORMAL!!! Yea! No Gestational Diabetes here, just a big boy I guess! So bring on the sweets, I've been trying to avoid sugar since I had the test on Friday because she acted like there was a good chance I would have diabetes, but now it's game on!

I'm so excited because sweets and chocolate are like my only cravings! I might just have to head to Braum's this evening after work! Haha!