Friday, April 30, 2010

milk mustache

Jack is on his way to milk mustaches! Yesterday was the first day we starting weaning Jack onto milk! Tonya is giving him half formula half milk bottles now! I think we are going to do this for a week or so and then start giving him less and less formula until he is off formula! I'm aiming by his first birthday! Tonya said HE LOVED the milk - I was affraid he might not drink it or it would upset his tummy...he did wake up alot last night, but that's really nothing new so I'm not sure if the milk had anything to do with it or not...We shall see!

Here we go on the "No More Formula Ride!" keep your fingers crossed its a smooth ride!


tomorrow, tomorrow...

I get to meet my 2nd favorite little boy in the world! I can't wait! I also can't wait for little baby Bobby to get a little bigger so that him and Jack can play! I just know they are going to be best friends - especially since all of my other friends have girls around Jack's age! Chelsea and Robby finally came through and made a little boy for Jack to play with!

I'm sure I'll snap some pictures so be on the look out for those later this weekend - or early next know how bad I am at blogging these days!

Can't wait to see you Bobby!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

11 Month Birthday!

Today Jack turned 11 months old! I can't believe we will be celebrating his 1 year birthday in just another 4 short weeks! Time has flown by...I remember like it was yesterday sitting at the house on maternity leave thinking, "OMG - what have I done?" Haha. It definitely took some time for me to adjust to being a mom, but now I wouldn't change a thing!

Here's an update of some of Jack's developments:

  • Jack is pointing.
  • Jack is clapping.
  • Jack is waving.
  • Jack gives kisses when asked and sometimes when he isn't asked.
  • Jack says Mama, Dada, No, and Huh-uh reguarly and I'm convinced he knows who Mama and Dada are when he says them...well Mama for sure.
  • Jack doesn't like when he see Mom walk by and not come to see him - he screams until I come back to get him!
  • Jack still loves daycare.
  • Jack loves to give you a pat on the back for picking him up!
  • Jack is starting to observe the world around him more and more everyday.
  • Jack has mastered his "split scoot" and I'm not sure he will ever crawl.
  • Jack is starting to try and discover how to pull up to things and if I give him my hands to hold he will stand up by himself, but I haven't found him standing next to any furniture yet.
  • Jack drinks 3-4 bottles a day and is now back to eating his baby food as well as table food!
  • Jack has ZERO teeth.
  • Jack loves to flirt.
  • Jack has a mean bone in his little monster body.
  • Jack is starting to use toys in the manner they are meant (drives trucks around on the floor, etc.)
  • Jack throws fits.
  • Jack is starting to semi-sleep better (I'll regret that).
  • Jack loves to throw things.
  • Jack goes from sitting to knees and back to sitting.
  • Jack will stand when placed as long as there is someone to entertain him.
  • Jack can sometimes sit up on his own, but this isn't consistent and mainly only happens in his crib or pack n play.
  • Jack weighs just under 21 pounds - I'm not sure on his length as Chris didn't pay attention at the dr. this week.

This is all I can really think of. All in all Jack is doing great (minus the whole pneumonia thing)!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 11 Weight Check

Well I foiled my plans for losing 1.5 pounds this past week - I only lost a about a 1/2 a pound... I'm blaming all the beer at the wedding Saturday!


That's right, Jack has pneumonia! Can't my little monster ever get a break? Poor little man, but he is such a trooper. Let's get a little background info going - 3 weeks ago I took Jack to the dr. b/c he had spiked a 102 temp when I got him up one morning (it was a Thursday), and she said it looks like his allergies had drained all down the back of his throat and into his ears leading to double ear infections thus the temp. She gave him antibiotics and we started singulair for the allergies. He was on his antibiotic for 10 days and had his last dose last Monday morning (not yesterday, but the monday before that). Friday I noticed he was a little coughy, but chopped it up to allergies. Saturday I went to Chanute for a wedding and stayed the night, but when I got home late morning Sunday it was quickly apparent to me that Jack was panting as he was breathing. Chris said he chopped it up to allergies - I on the other hand had a totally different opinion, so after Jack then proceeded to spike a temp of 100.3 we headed to Urgent Care.

Urgent care tested him for RSV, Strep, and the Flu - all negative. The dr. sent us to the ER though b/c he said it was obvious Jack was having trouble breathing and having to work really hard at it and that he needed a chest xray TONIGHT! We headed up the road to the hospital, so long story short after a breathing treatment with added steroids, an oral steroid, an antibiotic injection in his thigh, and one more breathing treatment Jack finally started to breath easier!

The chest xray revealed he has pneumonia, also both of his ear infections are still going strong! Ugh! His fever only lasted a few hours and he is feeling much better today! Thank goodness! It's scary how something that didn't seem like such a big deal quickly turned into a big deal!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 10 Weight Check

No improvement this week...still 1(x-1)8. My goal was to lose 20 pounds before Jack's first birthday (mainly for the birthday party), so at this pace I have about 6 more weeks before his birthday party on June 5th! Using my approximate 6 pound weight lose over the last 10 weeks, that means I'm losing 0.6 pounds per week on average, take that times 6 more weeks and I should lose about another 4 pounds, if I continue at this same rate, putting me at about 10 pounds - 50% less then my goal...ugh!

That analysis done, I'm adjusting my goal - to push myself and achieve results faster (hopefully), my new goal is 15 9 pounds left, which means I need to lose approximately 1.5 pounds per week for the next 6 weeks!

You can tell I've already been doing some analysis work this morning b/c it totally just carried over into my blog post...haha!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i'm probably going to regret this...

But Jack slept through the night for the first time in A LONG TIME last night! I'm not sure what we did differently, but let's hope this trend continues...

I'm sure announcing it to the world will ensure I'm up at least once, if not twice tonight! But I was so excited and proud of him!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 9 Weight Check

Not a whole lot to celebrate, but I did lose 1 pound last week. I'm officially 1(x-1)8...this week I have cut out soda, and am really trying to watch what I eat...we'll see.

Monday, April 12, 2010

10 and a Half Month Update

I know, I know - I've been a bad blogger lately! I have some time so I wanted to update (document) some of Jack's favorite activities! This will be in bullet point form!
  • Jack is a clapping fool! He loves to clap - he claps when he is happy, he claps when he is mad, he claps to himself in the back seat, he claps when I sing, he claps when he screams! He is all around just a CLAPPER!
  • Not only is Jack a clapping fool, but he is a dancing fool as well! He loves music (which became apparent to me around 4 months of age)! He loves his nursery rhymes, sung by myself or his singing book, he loves the radio, he loves phones that play music, he loves commercials with music (especially that new "I can't believe it's not butter" commercial with the lady from Will and Grace - anyone know it?), but the best part about his love of music is his DANCING! He will bounce up and down and shrug up his little shoulders and can that boy keep a beat! He has good rhythm! He bounces in perfect beat with the music and when he gets really excited he will also throw in a little swaying front and back! When standing up he will bend his knees and bounce his whole body up and down! It's so CUTE!
  • Last week Jack starting pointing - doesn't sound like a big milestone, but it's so cute! I have to admit the first few times he raised his arm up and pointed; Chris and I thought he was doing the "gay" hey wave! But after watching him a few times I realized he was pointing at me, then I noticed him pointing at lots of things! So that's a new favorite of his!
  • Jack also will give kisses when asked probably 40-50% of the time and then randomly he does it without being asked! I love it!
  • Jack also has become more and more in love with the fact that he can shake his head "no"! He now knows what it means as well - see he is starting to reject his baby food (that's a whole 'nother story) and if he even sees me pick up the container or the spoon he screams and shakes his head no! It's cute, but FRUSTRATING!
  • Jack also loves balls - play balls/toys that is! He loves to throw them and then scream til you throw it back! He pretty much is throwing or pushing anything off of anything! And he thinks it's funny - Momma on the other hand does not!
  • Jack still has ZERO teeth, although he has been working on them pretty hard lately!

That's pretty much it for his new tricks. A quick update on the physical therapy and leg situation: We have been working with him a ton and he has been spending tons of time in his Jumperoo and Walker and he is now standing (no PT needed) so we have decided to forego the physical therapy for now. I talked with a PT I know and he said that until Jack is at least 12 months old we would probably be wasting lots of time and money. He still isn't crawling, but army crawling (backwards only) all over the place, he is still getting up on all fours and bouncing and every once in awhile lunging forward. Yesterday he was on the bed while Chris was packing his suitcase and Jack went from sitting up onto his knees to look over the edge of the suitcase! He has also been working on sitting up by himself - that's still a work in progress though for sure!

We took Jack to the doctor last week (he has had really bad allergies which lead to double ear infections) and he was still only 27 inches - maybe 27.5 inches long and weighed 20 pounds 2.5 ounces!

Well this turned out much longer then I had anticipated! Thanks for sticking through it! :-)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 8 Weight Check

I'm behind on this...the scale is still reading 1(x-1)9...ugh. I seriously don't know what else to do? Working out 5 days a week and try to watch what I eat for the most part, but I think the biggest issue is I have become ADDICTED to soda again! Like 3 or 4 cans a day ADDICTED!? I'm going to try to wean them down the rest of this week and go cold turkey next and see if that does anything over the next couple of weeks!

Wish me luck and not to many lack of caffine headaches!