Friday, May 29, 2009

Birth Story

We went to our 39 week doctor's appointment at 9:20am on Wednesday May 27th. If you have kept up on my blog then you know I was already planning on pitching the whole induction idea to Dr. Shaw, but really I didn't have to say much. She said to head to the hospital at 8:00pm that night so that we could start an induction! She checked me in her office and said I was 3cm and that my cervix was much softer and more favorable then it had been the previous 2 weeks.

Chris and I both went back to work and worked until 4:00pm, then headed home for some last minute packing and chores! For my last "pregnant" supper I had frozen burritos! Then some vanilla ice cream with chunky peanut butter!

Once we got to the hospital we got checked in and started the first round of Cytotec about 9:30pm. Cytotec is basically the oral pill version of Cervadil which most people are more familiar with. I was surprised to learn that I was having contractions before we even started the Cytotec, but I wasn't feeling them at all. About 11:30pm they gave me an Ambien to help me sleep and by about 12:15am I was OUT! The nurse came in about 3:00am and gave me my second round of Cytotec and checked me again and I was still 3cm.

I was woke up at about 7:00am and ate breakfast shortly after, I showered and got as dressed as I could get. About 9:00am Dr. Shaw came in and checked me again and said I was still pretty much 3cm, but that my cervix was very soft and had started the thin really well. At this point I had continued to have contractions all night long, but never felt any of them. Dr. Shaw decided to go ahead and break my water and explained that we would get my epidural before we started the Pitocin so that my contractions wouldn't get too bad (she warned me that after she broke my water I would probably start feeling the contractions!). I was so unprepared for what I was in for - I started feeling the contractions pretty much immediately and I seriously couldn't hardly handle it! I don't even have cramps with my periods anymore so it was an unusal and horrible feeling! My nurse, Roxanne (who was great!) called Anethiesiology immediately to get my epidural, but they were really busy and said it might be 15 minutes - well 15 minutes turned into about 50 minutes so I had to endure about and hour and a half of contractions which was enough for me! Anyone that has a "natural" birth is 1. crazy and 2. a much better woman than me!

The epidural process went terrific - I was a bit nervous about it but the lady, Shannon, that did mine was awesome and 2 contractions later I didn't feel a thing! It was a little after 11:00am by the time my epidural was in and I was once again comfortable. We started the Pitocin and then Roxanne checked me and I was 4cm. So now I was just laid back watching TV and waiting, enjoying the day. About 1:00pm an alarm started going off on the monitor and Jack's heart rate had dropped down into the 80's and 90's. Roxanne came in and said that I was having too many contractions that were lasting a long time and that Jack was probably just getting a little tired and stressed so she turned off the Pitocin in order to give him a bit of a break. She checked me again at this point and I was 5-6cm. We laid off the Pitocin for about 45 minutes, but Jack's heart rate continued to decrease with every contraction, but would always bounce back up into the 140's - 150's when the contraction was over. Roxanne now said he was probably having some cord compression, but didn't really elaborate because I don't think she wanted to stress me out too much - although it was obvious I was. I was pretty much glued to the monitor from that point on. She checked me again at about 2:00pm and I was 7cm. Roxanne turned the Pitocin back on, but at a very slow rate and we waited. Then I started to feel the tightness in my stomach from the contractions - it wasn't painful, but I could tell so I asked Roxanne what we should do and she gave me an extra shot of my epidural and then decided to check me again - this was about 3:00pm and I was complete and he was at a +1 station.

Roxanne called Dr. Shaw and told her my status and this is why I love Dr. Shaw - Dr. Shaw said that as long as Jack was doing OK that I could "labor down" on my own, which basically meant wait and let my body do the work naturally of pushing Jack down further into the birth canal rather then me "push" him down. So Roxanne said now just tell me immediately when you get the urge to push and I just kept saying I can't feel anything (because of the extra shot of epidural she had just given me) and she kept reassuring me I would know. Well she kept checking me and his head kept getting lower and lower, but I never had the urge. She finally decided that we needed Dr. Shaw because he was getting so close and Dr. Shaw headed over. There was a little bit of hurry up and wait as the room was set up for delivery and then Dr. Shaw arrived and the show was on the road! Roxanne said OK - bear down and push! So I closed my eyes and pushed with everything I had (or thought I had because I still wasn't feeling a thing) and that's when I felt his head pop out, I took a breathe and pushed again and I felt the rest of him slide on out and I was done! I seriously couldn't believe and I never felt a thing - other then the slight pressure of him coming out, but ZERO pain!

The reason for all the decreases in Jack's heart rate became very clear at this point - his cord was wrapped around his neck twice! So as he was getting farther into my pelvis and the birth canal it was getting compressed! I'm pretty sure Roxanne knew that the whole time, but didn't want to worry me - which I'm OK with because I know she would have told me if anything was seriously wrong or she was concerned! The nursery nurse, Joyce, took Jack and started cleaning him up and checking him out - he got a 9 out of 10 on the Apgar Scale! She weighed him and he came in at a slender 6 pounds 15.4 ounces and 19 inches long! We were all expecting a much bigger baby, but he is just a little guy!

Within about 25 minutes Jack was already latched on and breast feeding and things have been going well since then!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We're Here...

So it's now 10:10pm and I've had my first dose of Cytotec to start this whole process. So far not really feeling anything different. The nurse said it might put me into active labor and it might now, it affects everyone differently. I was surprised to find out that when they hooked me up to the monitor before doing anything that I was already having contractions...I just can't feel them. Jack is being SO active that he keeps setting the monitor's alarm off because he will move away from the sensor and the heartbeat goes blank on the machine. We've moved it about 4 times now, but I think we found a good location this time.

Now I'm just contemplating how long I can wait to go to the bathroom since I'm hooked up to an IV and have two monitors around my belly that I have to unplug, put around my neck, and then go to the bathroom...seems like a lot to ask of a 39 week pregnant lady, but that's just my opinion!


Tonight is the Night!

We had our 39 week doctor appointment this morning and it's nothing but good news! I only gained like 1/2 a pound and my blood pressure was 120/70, urine trace was negative. Then the doctor came in and we had this conversation:
Dr: How are you doing?
Me: Fine, but can we get him out like SOON?
Dr: Laughs, I knew you were going to say that. Let me check you and then I'll give you an answer, I'm hoping your cervix will be more favorable this week...
Then she goes in for the big check...
Dr: Well you are a 3 so progress since last week and your cervix is much softer then it has been the last 2 weeks. Well Women's Services has been begging me to send someone over so we might be able to work out a deal...
Me: You mean like today?
Dr: Well tonight, but let me call them and make sure.
So doctor leaves, calls over to the hospital, and then comes back in - it was the longest 30 seconds of my life!
Dr: OK, well go check in tonight at 8! We will start the Cytotec tonight and also give you a sleeping pill and then break your water and start the Pitocin in the morning.

I was so excited - I even gave the doctor a hug... I think that's OK?! So anyway, I'm wrapping so last minute things up at work and then I'll probably take off a bit early and get the rest of my stuff packed and do a few last minute errands and then my last supper....And off to the hospital!

I will be texting updates through twitter to this blog so you can check here for any progress!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Single Digits...

Over the weekend my days countdown rolled into the SINGLE DIGITS! 8 days to go! I'm getting super impatient and anxious! I keep hoping that I will suddenly get very painful contractions and go into labor, but so far nada!?!? Everyone keeps asking me if I've had any contractions and that makes me think I'm supposed to, but as far as I know I haven't? Unless, maybe they just aren't very strong and I don't feel them? I don't think that's possible though. I really am begging for the PAIN at this point! At least then I would know something was happening, all this waiting around is making me crazy! And once I have the pain, then comes the hospital, then the DRUGS!

People keep offering up more "how to induce" advice - Eggplant, Jumping on a Trampoline, Four-Wheeling, Water Skiing (yeah right), and the ole' standard S E X. I'm not too fond of any suggestions that involve a ton of bouncing b/c I'm thinking that might lead to shaken baby syndrome from inside the womb - I have no clue if that's possible, but you never know. I only bounce on my birth ball - that's enough for me. So tonight I'm going to go for a walk,eat an entire pineapple for dinner, and bounce on my ball so that hopefully tomorrow morning will be good news from the doctor.

We go in for our 39 week appointment at 9:20am - I'm thinking strategy right now, what can I say/do to make her induce. Here are my reasons: I'm so swollen it hurts, My hands have started swelling too, The baby isn't moving as much so he must be running out of room, My husband can't stand me anymore, I'm just overall miserable - and I'm going to CRY! haha! I'll let you know how it goes...


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Fair Warning - This is another VENT post!

Yes, I have been swollen since week 29-30. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it looks really bad. Yes, I know I no longer have feet, ankles, and sometimes even the hint of calf definition. Yes, I know I should put my feet up. Yes, I know you think I need to wear "supportive" shoes.

I am so SICK and tired of my co-workers telling me that my swelling is bad. It is NOT bad - not in my case. Does it suck - absolutely, but bad (as in bad for baby or me) - NO! I'm sick of people being like, "Oh that's bad? What did your doctor say? Why haven't they put you on bedrest?" Well people it's because my blood pressure has stayed consistent in the 110-120 over 60 range my entire pregnancy and all of my urine screens (which is done at EVERY appointment) have never showed any protein in my urine - OK?!?! There is no medical reason for me to be concerned about my swelling! And FYI - unless I can get a recliner wheeled into my office and work with my laptop sitting on my belly all day so that my feet are elevated above my heart, propping my feet up is WORTHLESS so back off! And as for the shoes - nothing fits other then flip flops so SUPPORT THIS!!!!


My Last 2 Weeks...Hopefully!

I've decided I'd like to document the last couple weeks of my pregnancy on a daily basis, just so I can look back and see what progress I made when and how completely ridiculous I've been acting and so Baby Jack can see just what I went through these last few days while waiting for him to decide he was ready to make his big entrance into the Real World!

5/20/09 - Wednesday:
I'm still working full-time 8-5, swelling like crazy, and feeling tons of pressure in my pelvic region - Jack has definitely dropped (actually he dropped the end of last week around 5/15/09)! Chris and I decided not to go for our walk tonight and just relax. I bounced/swayed on my birth ball for about an hour or so and then I lost my mucus plug at about 7pm tonight and also had a bit of a bloody show. I was hoping the contractions would start immediately, but no such luck - looks like we might be in for the long haul! Oh and we had baked potatoes for dinner - mmm...mmm....good!

5/21/09 - Thursday:
Worked like normal. Lost another chunk of my mucus plug at lunch...hopefully that's the last of it! I've decided to go on 4 "mini walks" throughout the day at work - at 9am, 11am, 2pm, and 4pm, they only last about 10 minutes each, but I thought it couldn't hurt! We went out to eat for dinner at Cafe Del Rio - I was hoping the spicy food would kick start something, but no such luck! My stomach did however get a bit upset - but I think I just drank too much too fast at dinner. Chris and I went for a walk once we got home and then watched a bit of TV while I bounced on the birth ball. About 9pm I got the itch to clean for some reason, so I cleaned up the bathroom vanity and our bedroom. After that I hit the sheets!

5/22/09 - Friday:
Worked like normal. Oh and we had the boys groomed so that they will hopefully still be clean and smelling good when baby Jack comes home, but it's doubtful! After work Chris and I met my Mom and Grandma and Grandpa from AZ out at Chicken Annie's for dinner - it was GOOD! I really didn't do much else out of the ordinary.

5/23/09 - Saturday:
Today was a pretty full day! Started off with meeting Dawn for lunch at El Charro and having my favorite waiter rub my belly (uninvited I might add, but it was OK), his name is Chimmi and I love it! Lunch was great - it was good to see Dawn and catch up! After lunch Chris and I went out and did a bit of shopping, first stop the flea market where I picked up a little table for Jack's room! Then the dreaded Wal-Mart! YUCK! The rest of the day was full of relaxation and movies! We watched My Bloody Valentine, Taken, Valkyrie, The Reader, and In the Electric Mist - not all in one day though!

5/24/09 - Sunday:
Chris washed and cleaned the vehicles this morning while I did a bit of indoor cleaning. We moved the Pack N Play into our bedroom and rearranged some furniture so that we have room for Jack! This also means that I had to rearrange the living room about 20 times, moving things about an inch at a time until I was satisfied. It must be part of pregnancy, but I seriously have a problem lately with things being in their exact, perfect place! It drives Chris NUTS! We also went over to Columbus to our friend's Robbie and Madeline's house for a BBQ. It was really fun, but I ate way TOO MUCH food!

5/25/09 - Monday:
MEMORIAL DAY! I was hoping Jack would come this weekend so that I wouldn't have to go back to work on Tuesday, but no such luck! The day started off early, meeting the Spear Family in McCune to put flowers out at the cemetery, then to Galesburg, then to Parsons, then to Oswego and finally back to Columbus (and it poured 95% of the time - I didn't get out of the car much!). We went to Daryl and Sandy's for a cookout lunch and then Chris decided to play Cory in a game of 1 on 1 b-ball that seemed to last way too long. After Chris recovered we headed home for a nap, then evening TV then off to bed.

5/26/09 - Tuesday:
It was back to the grind at work as usual, which was totally hard after the long weekend. After work I made a trip to Wal-Mart and then went for a walk and then had dinner - Chicken Fried Pork and Mashed Potatoes and Cinnamon Apples (Chris is such a good cook)! After dinner I bounced and swayed on my Birth Ball until I literally could not move! Haha! Then off to bed.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Caution - Too Much Info Ahead...

So I know this might totally gross some readers out (especially any males), but I just had to share! I just lost my mucus plug! At first it was accompanied with some brownish colored mucus, then it switched to more pinkish/ I'm thinking that was the (this is so gross) "Bloody Show" they always tell you about!

I'm trying not to get overly excited because from what I've read losing your plug could mean labor anywhere from 24 hours to 2-3 weeks... not sure if since there was blood if that changes that statistic? Let's hope so! Maybe Baby Jack is hearing and feeling his Mommy's pain and is going to come in the next few days! Or maybe it's my birth ball I've been bouncing on continuously for the past 2 nights - I bounce up and down, then do big circles, then rock side to side, then front to back! Keep that in mind all my pregnant lady friends! It could be the power of the BALL at work!

Let's all keep our fingers crossed!


38 Week Pictures!

Since we are nearing the end I thought I'd provide a few extra angles! Haha! Enjoy! Hopefully it won't be too much longer!



I set up a twitter account so that I could post "instant updates" from my phone to twitter, and then to this blog! So now everyone will be able to stay up-to-date to the minute as I document my journey of these last 2 weeks of pregnancy and of course labor and delivery!

14 long, miserable, uncomfortable days...

As of today we have 14 days until our due date - 2 short weeks, but honestly I think I'm done! I'm sure all pregnant women have this feeling at some point during their pregnancy and I guess I've hit my boiling point!

I am really about to kill someone, mainly people at work. I see you everyday - why do you insist on asking me everyday something about me still being pregnant or how I'm feeling or how I'm handling it, or commenting on how miserable and uncomfortable I look? I just don't get it! I KNOW I'm uncomfortable, I KNOW how miserable I feel - and if you can TELL just by looking at my why would you still force me to speak to you about it? Can't people just leave a pregnant lady alone? I can't stand it!

I know I'm sounding like, and I'm sure acting like, QUEEN B at this point, but I really have no off switch anymore! And the more people that ask me about being pregnant the more rude of a response I start giving and I just really don't care. I think I'm going to start shutting my office door - and hopefully that will keep them away!

I just don't know how I'm going to make it another 2 weeks...this is HORRIBLE!

Monday, May 18, 2009

1.5 centimeters....

Grr... Just got back from our doctor appointment and well we didn't make much progress. She said I'm 1.5 cm - maybe 2, but decided 1.5 and still pretty thick, but much easier to check this week then last week. So all in all - I didn't get anywhere. FRUSTRATING!

Then we had this conversation:
Dr: I can let you go to 41 weeks
Me: Shakes head NO
Dr: I know you don't want to go to 41 weeks
Me: I'm just more concerned about his size and him getting too big since you've said he has been big the whole time?
Dr: Well let's see where we are at next Wednesday and what progress you've made. If there hasn't been much we will get another ultrasound to check his size again and then go from there.

You'd think this would make me happy, but the office only does ultrasounds on Thursdays and Tuesdays and since our appointment is on Wednesday I'm sure I won't get on the schedule for the next day so I will have to wait until the next Tuesday (June 2nd) which is the day before our due date! So even if Dr. decides to induce it will still be past our due date! I'm just so ready to get this baby out of me! I swear if he is too big I will KILL someone!


Friday, May 15, 2009


I know this might all be wishful thinking, but I have received confirmation from a few people at work this morning so maybe it's the real deal. Last night little Jack Hammer woke me up doing some crazy little jig in my belly - I know you are thinking, OK what's special about that? Well he actually hasn't been moving that much lately or at least not like he used to - I feel more rolling type movements as opposed to his old sharp punches and kicks. Anyway, I thought to myself - maybe this is him making his big move down, but thought I'd better not get excited so I just laid there for a few minutes and fell back asleep.

Upon my waking up this morning I immediately felt "different" like more pressure down there and lower and more constant than usual. I figured I just needed to go to the bathroom, b/c all of your ladies that are or have ever been pregnant know that when you have to use the restroom it pretty much feels like the baby is trying to escape from your downstairs area and you have to "waddle" quickly to the restroom to relieve the pressure. I went to the restroom, but then as I stood up and starting taking my first few steps I thought to myself, "Am I not done? Is there more?" b/c I still felt an intense amount of pressure. So I sat back down and waited and waited, then decided I guess I was done. Well the pressure has yet to subside and it just feels like there is something down there, lower then yesterday. Then I saw my friend at work just a few minutes ago and she was like - did you drop since yesterday? I know my face lit up b/c I thought "maybe I'm not crazy?" She said yesterday you were still up pretty far up under your boobs and today you aren't? So I explained to her (she has had 2 kids) the whole story and how I've been feeling today and she was like, well I'd say he is making his move down!!

I know this isn't a sure fire confirmation and I know I will never get one, but something just feels different! But if this is how I'm going to feel until I deliver I don't think I'm lovin' it? It's awkward and uncomfortable - imagine having to use the restroom 24/7? That's what I'm feeling!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 Weeks To Go!!!

As of today we officially have 3 weeks - only 21 days - until our due date! I'm so ready for Baby Jack to get here already! Seems like we've been waiting FOREVER, however this revelation has also led me to think about all the things we have yet to do. Install the car seat bases in our vehicles, pack our bags for the hospital, give every room in the house another thorough cleaning and make sure the rest of his clothes are washed! Yikes! And I still need a trash can for his room - so many things to think about! I did already get all our travel sized items for the hospital and bagged it all up in a plastic bag and I put the necessities in the diaper bag - although I'm not sure I'm even taking that to the hospital? Am I supposed to? I also realized I don't have a true coming home outfit for Jack?! I thought I had one then I realized it was 0-3 months and not newborn, but hopefully it might fit or else he might be coming home in a onesie!

It's going to be a busy weekend too b/c Chris' brother is graduating from Pitt State so we are attending his party on Saturday afternoon... I know I'm going to start majorly stressing any day now! Haha!


Monday, May 11, 2009

1 Centimeter!

We had our first appointment in almost 3 weeks this morning and it was actually quite amusing! First I got weighed, no biggie. Peed in the cup - nothing new. Blood pressure 110/64 - good. Then the nurse says, "Dr. is going to do your Group B Strep Test so just undress from the waist down and I will give you a drape" I thought, "OK-no big deal". Well the drape didn't so much fit. I tried it laying across my lap, but that left my bottom exposed. I tried putting it around me from the back but then the front was out there for all to see. I kept messing with it until I managed to tear 2 or 3 large holes in it from trying to force it to fit. Then Chris so politely said, "Maybe that's not the maternity drape?" Haha! I was fairly sure there was only one size, but decided to give the Dr. a bit of a hard time, teasing her as to why she told the nurse to give me the pre-prego drape instead of the maternity drape!? She laughed and said "It's one size fits all!"- we both laughed, b/c obviously this one size wasn't fitting all!

So enough about that, she did my swab - not going into detail. Then I said, "Oh, this is the week you check me, right (knowing good and well that she doesn't start checking until 38 weeks)?" And she said "Well usually I don't until 38 weeks (we are 36 weeks and 5 days), unless there is a reason too or you are just dying to be checked?" I said, "Yes, dying!" So she checked, she said, "Lots of pressure..." It really didn't hurt or anything - at first, she said I was 1 centimeter dilated, but still pretty thick - then she started pushing from the top of my belly and from inside the down there area - and goes, and I can still push baby up a bit - THAT FREAKIN HURT!!! So I guess 1 is better then none, but he definitely won't be coming in the near, near future! She said to go ahead and make an appointment per week until our due date - so I made the last one for June 1st on a Monday that way I can talk induction of that week instead of having to wait the week after our due date if he hasn't arrived by then!


Friday, May 8, 2009

To Circumsize or Not Circumsize...

That is NOT the question - of course we are...but which method do you chose?

As part of our pediatrician visit this morning we discussed whether or not we were going to have him circumsized...well heck yes we are! The doctor then described the two methods of circumcision - #1 Gomco Method - this is where they actually cut the foreskin away, she said that post care is having to put vaseline and gauze on it everytime you change his diaper as well as just keeping the area clean. #2 Plastibell Method - this is where they pull the foreskin back and put a plastic ring on, then pull the skin back up and then tie a string around it cutting off the blood supply and then after a week or so the dead foreskin will fall off.

I asked which method was more common and she said she does more of the Gomco procedures, and before I could ask which method was more invasive or which one was easier/more comfortable for the baby - Chris interjects, we'll do that one! OK - thanks for discussing this with me?! Dr. said most people like Gomco b/c you can see the results immediately versus waiting a week or so? I'm like I don't care about immediate results - I care about making my little man comfortable and anytime you cut anything there is a chance for infection and other complications. Chris and I may be discussing this more at a later date before anything is done...



On top of all the crazy weather this morning, Chris and I ventured across town (long ways I know) and had our "New Mommy (and Daddy)" visit with our pediatrician. Basically, you go in and meet the doctor, she asks a bunch of questions, you can ask questions and then it's over - gotta love doctors, no wonder insurance premiums are on the rise!

But I was glad we did it b/c we discussed his kidney situation and she said that a couple weeks after he is born they she will do an ultrasound on him to see how they look and just go from there, but that usually it will correct itself on its own and that we will just need to monitor it.

Our pediatrician is a new, young female doctor in town. I've heard really good things about her so that makes me feel good, but I just really hate where her office is. It's in the Community Health Center (where typically lower income families go), but I have no choice. The two older pediatricians in town won't hardly ever take any new patients and the only other two pediatricians are both at the health center. I'm not worried or concerned at all about the level of care we will get out there, but just more about the environment and all the crazy, dirty, icky people that we will have to encounter in the waiting areas?! I know I might sound like a superficial brat, but hey it's my kid and I don't want him catching anyone's germs - especially dirty germs from Mexico (I can say that I'm half mexican)! haha! The waiting room was full of spanish only speaking individuals this morning! Are you getting a better picture of what I'm dealing with here!?

Most of my friends here in town take their kids there too b/c like I said you can't get into the other pediatricians in town and they are always satisfied with the care, but the only complaint is the environment. So I'm just going to have to put a mask on him like we are trying to avoid the Swine Flu and keep a blanket over his carrier while in the waiting room! haha!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In The 20's

Yes, today my baby ticker said only 29 days to go! It's so weird to think that in less then a month we are going to have a baby, like a little person! I think we have done all the preparing we can do, and I also know that 95% of our preparations aren't going to mean squat once we actually have him and take him home! I've spent hours working on his room, but I know for awhile he isn't even going to be in his room, except for maybe naps? I've organized and reorganized his clothes, the bathroom, our bedroom, the living room, dining room (still have the kitchen left this weekend) and I know none of that is going to matter. All that is going to matter is being home with my little man and being completely consumed by him!? Wow, life will truly never be the same in 29 days...


Friday, May 1, 2009

My Body Will Never Be The Same...

As I started looking back at my old posts I became obsessed with my pregnancy photos. The damage, I mean change, that has taken place over the last 35 weeks is devastating, I mean amazing! I thought I would gather some of them and put them all in one post for easy inspection for everyone!
12 Weeks

16 Weeks

21 Weeks

25 Weeks

28 Weeks

31 Weeks

33 Weeks

35 Weeks