Friday, November 28, 2008

Our First Virtual Baby Picture

Say hello to our little one! Haha! I'm not sure if I think it's cute or not and it definitely looks like a boy although it's supposed to be gender neutral!

I got it off the Volkswagon website, have you all seen those commercials with Brooke Shields and she is talking about everyone is getting pregnant so that they can buy the new VW Routan? Well they have this application on the website that lets you put in a picture on the mother and a picture of the father and it makes a baby... And this is what we got... Haha!

Those are definitely my eyes, but I'm not sure where the rest came from? Chris thought the baby was ugly, but then quickly followed up with, "But that's not what it's really going to look like!...Is it?" I couldn't decide whether to be upset with him or laugh... was he for real?! I doubt the baby is going to look like the picture, especially with that nice 30 year old man hair style!

But it's a cute idea! Here is the link to the website if anyone wants to play around with it:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Will it ever go away?

In the beginning it seemed like just seeing the "two lines" or the "pregnant" or the "+" on all 12 of the at home pregnancy tests we took (haha), automatically made me TIRED!! I was in bed by 8 o'clock every night. And I don't mean in bed watching TV, I mean in bed in a deep sleep! And normally I'm not a sleep complainer...I love sleeping, but pregnancy sleep isn't even worth it! Sure I'm asleep, but for only 2-3 hours at a time, then it's time to head to the bathroom to PEE! Grr...

So, even with all the extra sleep I'm getting I'm still not rested and I'm still tired 24/7. I wish my work had like a 20 minute power nap policy - maybe I should recommend that! Haha!

I thought it was wearing off around 9-10 weeks, but here in the last couple weeks it's back... so I sit here wondering... Will it ever go away? Will I ever be able to see 10 o'clock again?


Thursday, November 20, 2008

12 Weeks!!

And here it is...Our first "Baby Belly" Picture! This is actually 12 weeks and 1 day, but close enough!!

Notice poor George in the bottom corner...haha! He feels left out! He has been attached to me at the hip lately, I think he knows I have little baby in my belly. He has been sleeping with his head on my belly for about the past month or so, it's so strange! He never did it before?

My goal is to be able to wear these same black pants all the way through the pregnancy! They are super stretchy so we'll see, but a piece of me already knows it isn't going to happen! Haha!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Congratulations Nate and Kayla! They are having a GIRL...Tatum Grace Kirk! Yea! Nate and Kayla are our friends from Columbus, they were married in June and are about 6 weeks ahead of Chris and me with our due dates!

I have to admit, I'm a little jealous that they already seems like January is so far away and way too long to wait to find out what our little one will be! But I couldn't be happier for them! I'm extremely excited b/c our little ones will automatically have one friend in the world AND Kayla and I will get to have many "play dates" together!



Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Thinking...

I decided I'm not posting enough sorry, but I think I'm going to start posting about everything and anything so that I have more of a "memory book" for later!

We are almost 12 weeks along, and still no morning sickness!! YEA!! I think on Wednesday I'll post my first "baby belly" picture since we will officially be 12 weeks and I haven't posted any yet! So that will be exciting, except I really don't have a bump yet or anything!?

My lower abdomen is starting to get harder and depending on where baby is, either towards the front of back, you can feel more definition sometimes! It's crazy to think there is a BABY in there!

Oh and I found out that one of my good friends from home, well she lives in Pitt too, but grew up in Chanute is pregnant too! She just found out so is probably only 5 weeks or so along, but I'm still super excited that we are going to be pregnant at the same time! Congrats Steph and Wayco!!

I'm already stressing over getting bigger clothes or just getting maternity clothes even though they will probably be a bit BIG for awhile... IDK what I'll do!? I've also been considering those belly bands, but I'm not sure those will be appropriate for work? Like I know I will be covered, but the thought of being at work all day with my pants either unbuttoned or unzipped just doesn't sit well with me? Haha!

So check back later this week and hopefully there will be a baby belly picture!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ultrasound Pictures!!

Okay, I'll try to explain what you are looking at!?! The top picture is a close up of the bottom picture. The baby is laying on its back; its head (which is totally oversized at this point) is on the left and then its little body/legs are coming around like a "C" shape. You can almost, barely see the umbilical cord - it looks like a light streak in the picture. So most of you now have to agree it looks like a grilled shrimp?! Haha! I think if you click on the picture it will blow up bigger?!? Try it if you want.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And There It Was...Our Little SHRIMP!!

So...Chris and I had our second doctor's appointment today, but the exciting part was the ultrasound!!! Yup, we saw our little SHRIMP! Haha! That's what the baby looked like though! But really the experience was awesome! I officially now believe that I AM PREGNANT! We saw the baby moving and heard and saw the heartbeat too!

I'm going to Dr. Angela Shaw here in Pittsburg and so far I love her - not too sure about loving the waits at her office, but she is great! So personable and cute!

She said all my blood work and tests looked great from last week and everything she saw today looked right on track. She confirmed my due date, June 3rd 2009! I'm 10 weeks today, and the baby is 8 weeks along in development! Yea!

I'm still feeling great overall, haven't had one inkling of morning sickness and the tiredness is already starting to wear off. So basically, my only symptoms are going to the bathroom every 30 minutes, having to go back to my high school acne regimen, and my nice big BOOBS (which Chris loves! haha)!

We go back in a month for a check up!! I'll keep you posted! And if I can scan in the ultrasound pictures at work I'll post them soon!