Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our First Week At Daycare

Notice I said "OUR" first week at daycare, not Jack's first week at daycare because this has definitely been an adjustment for all involved! Monday and Tuesday he was only there half days and she said he was good both days. Wednesday he was there until 2:30 and then we picked him up for his Well Baby Visit. Today was the BIG DAY - he stayed at the daycare all day from 7:45 until 5:15 - that's like 9.5 hours! That's the longest I had been away from him EVER! I wouldn't even leave him with either or his grandma's that long - so needless to say today was rough! My stomach was in knots most of the day and I just constantly wondered how he was doing and if he was being good for Miss Tonya and how he was feeling from his shots yesterday, etc. etc. etc.

Well here is the report for the day: First I have to mention that when we dropped him off this morning I had to tell Tonya that he hadn't had a BM since 6:30 the night before so it might be a bad day if he had gotten binded up with gas and couldn't poop. So the first thing Tonya said was, "Um...he had a blow-out today! He was sitting in the bouncy chair and he EXPLODED...all over the chair, on her daughter who was sitting in front of him entertaining him, then all over Tonya when she picked him up, and all over the towel she had to lay down in order to protect the changing station from Jack's Natural Disaster! Haha! She said he took a long nap from 1:00 until about 3:45 (she actually called me and asked if she should wake him up to eat or let him sleep longer and I said let him sleep until at least 3:30 so that we would be on schedule for tonight but that he could go as long as 4 hours from his previous feeding if he was napping). We were both a bit concerned b/c his blow-out was pretty runny, but we assumed it was from his shots the day before, but she said he had another BM after his afternoon feeding and it was back to a more normal, pasty consistency! Whew...

But all in all she said that today was his best day yet! So I'm optimistic that he is going to do just fine at Miss Tonya's!



I mentioned in my earlier post today that last night after we got home from Jack's Well Baby Visit that he was in a really good mood and had just discoverd the Mirrored Star that hangs on his bouncy chair and here are the pictures to prove it! ENJOY

what's that mommy? a star?
talking to his star...
he liked the star or his reflection i couldn't tell which...
he got really excited and is actually trying to swat at the star...
just lookin...
i think he then wanted to lick the star - he kept sticking his tongue out...
then the star somehow scared him...
shying away...
then excited again! he was flailing both arms and legs! so cute!

2 Month Well Baby Visit

Side Note: Jack is 9 weeks old today and today is his first full day at the daycare (yes I'm going nuts without him)!

OK - Yesterday Jack had his 2 Month Well Baby Visit with the Pediatrician. He is now 22 inches long and weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces! She said he looks great and even commented that his belly felt like a normal baby's belly for the first time - so hopefully his digestive issues will start/keep improving as the next few weeks to a month pass!

Jack also received 3 shot vaccines and 1 oral vaccine, he did great - he only cried for about 30 seconds and then was over it and asleep back in his carseat ready to go home! He did pretty good last night, not fussy - but he did wake up early this morning with a bout of gas...grr...and he hadn't had a BM since 6:30pm last night. I talked to Tonya (our daycare provider) this afternoon and she said he had a blow out in the bouncy chair and that it was quite runny - well I remember that the oral vaccine was a Rotovirus Vaccine which I believe is fairly new, but it's for severe vomitting and diahhrea that infants can get - but one of the side effects is vomitting and diahhrea, but hopefully it doesn't last long...I'm just hoping he doesn't start his whole I'm only going to poop once a day crap again...grr...

But overall he is doing good! I took some pictures last night - he was totally mesmerized by the little star with a mirror that hangs off his bouncy chair! It was so cute! He wouldn't look away for a second and he was like having his own little conversation with it and all...the pictures will help explain it better - I'll post them ASAP!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Catch Up Post

Wow! So much has happened in the last 2 weeks since my last post...Jack has reflux...and let me tell you its a nightmare! Dr. tried us on Zantac and that didn't hardly touch it, then we tried an all natural homeopathic medicine, but all that did was put him to sleep, but as soon as he woke up he was screaming again! So now we are on Prilosec, he has only had 5 doses so we will see...yesterday was horrible, but today has been much better! So let's keep our fingers crossed that he starts feeling better soon!

How did we figure this out you ask?...Well it was harder then you might think - he has Silent Reflux meaning that he hardly ever actually spits up. He has wet burps, and probably spits up once a day or so, but nothing more then what I would consider normal for a baby. Silent Reflux is when the formula and stomach acid go back up the esophagus, but then go back down - burning him both ways. He started doing this weird gaspy type noise and then his little eyes would turn red and he would get a grimace look on his face and then scream!!! My first hint was that he was starting to get fussy during his feedings when I would burp him and then he would be upset after the feeding was done. I thought he must be hungry so we would give him another ounce of formula, but he would continue to scream...then he started the drooling. Dr. said he is producing extra saliva to try to coat his throat since it's probably sore and since the muscle in his tummy isnt closing properly he couldnt swallow it all down. Most of the time when he does spit up its mainly saliva mixed with a tiny bit of formula. He also started not sleeping or napping well...he would reflux b/c he was laying on his back and it would wake him up and he would cry.

I had mixed emotions about the prescription medicines, but after seeing him cry, grimace and scream for days on end I gave in - I thought, my poor guy hasnt felt good pretty much his whole life thus far (gas, colic, reflux - although now i think what we thought before was colic was probably his reflux). The only good thing is that he hasn't become averse to eating and is still gaining weight nicely - about an ounce a day! He refluxes quite awhile after he eats so the dr. said he probably isnt associating it with his meal time!

Other then that Jack was 8 weeks old this past Thursday! He is smiling more and more, cooing, and getting stronger and stronger! He holds his head up pretty well on his own - hopefully we will be able to use his BUMBO chair in the next few weeks!

On the downside - I'm going back to work tomorrow and Jack will have his first half day at daycare...we'll see how it goes...But since I'll be back at work I should have more time to keep current on my posts!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jack's Infamous Rocker

Some of you may know the story behind this rocker and some of you may not, but here is the short version - I ordered this rocker with Baby Shower Gift Cards b/c I absolutely LOVE IT! Well I had been ripe with anticipation for at least a week waiting for it to arrive in the mail (I think I was 34 weeks pregnant at the time). When it finally arrived Chris stayed up late and put it together, he then brought it into our bedroom to show me and then said, "I'm going to put it in his room so that the dogs don't mess with it before Jack gets here!" I thought, smart move it'll be safe that way...well 5 mintues later I hear a loud snap, stumble, crack coming from the nursery...Chris then walked into the bedroom and said, "I broke it..." He had tripped over the rug in Jack's room and fell flat on his back directly on top of the rocker. Needless to say I FREAKED out, screaming, crying, screaming, sobbing and immediately ordered ANOTHER rocker b/c I just HAD to have it! Haha! So here it is along with some ADORABLE pictures of Baby Jack! ENJOY!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!

This is how Jack spent his first 4th of July...




Thursday, July 2, 2009

5 Weeks Old!

Jack is 5 weeks old today! Birth Announcements will be in the mail next week!

Here's a quick list of some of the things Jack can do already:
Jack will focus on a face!
Jack will watch his mobile while swinging in his swing!
Jack can roll from belly to back during tummy time!
Jack can lift his head and sometimes part of his chest off the floor during tummy time!
Jack likes to stare at his rattle and responds to the noise it makes!
Jack can hold the rattle in his hand and wave it around!
Jack smiles - sometimes due to GAS, but sometimes he responds to his Mommy and smiles!
Jack sleeps in his pack n play all by himself everynight like a big boy!

I think that's about it as of now! He does good at night 95% of the time - he usually goes back down after his feedings without much of a fuss! I have yet to let him sleep as long as he wants - we pretty much stay on schedule 24/7, but that's more due to me being obsessed with having schedules! Haha! Oh, and Jack is awake more and more everyday - in the beginning ALL he did was eat, sleep, and poop - but now he is much more active and likes to sit and look around or be talked to!

I can't wait to see what the next month brings!