Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Upcoming Posts

I know, I'm adding more post topics and I haven't published any from the original list.  Forgive me, I'm tired! Soon, very soon!

I am seriously behind in my blogging! Work is crazy right now, Chris is traveling alot and it's summer!  :-)

Here are some upcoming blog posts though that are either already drafted and I need to add pictures or that are great ideas and aren't written yet!
1. My Superhero
2. Norah's 4 Month Update
3. Memorial Day Trip to OK
4. Two Engagements
5. Jack's 3rd Birthday and Check Up
6. Double Trouble in the Tub
7. Jack's First Slumber Party
8. Norah's 5 Month Update (Can you believe she turned 5 months last week?)
9. A Bow Addiction
10. New Home Tour - A Year Later
11. Independence Day!
12. Wisdom Teeth Extraction
13. Norah Thinks Jack is Funny!

14. Baptism (Chris actually went to church!)
15.  Norah's 6 Month Update
16. Momma Got  A New Ride!
17. Jack @ The County Fair

Now, I know you are all dying from the excitement of these potential posts BUT really this list is more for me to keep everything straight! Don't think these are all gonna happen in the near future either, but I'm working on it!  All with good intentions!  Life just gets in the way sometimes and it's much easier to post a picture to Facebook or Instagram then it is to type out a post and upload photos!

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