Tuesday, July 27, 2010

big bully

Jack has turned into the BIGGEST BULLY! He is down right mean - I just haven't determined if it is on purpose or not... He has a new found love of hitting his mom (me) over and over again. He slaps me on the arms, on the face, just about anywhere! It's frustrating...oh so frustrating! I tell him "No" and give a little pat on his hand (now before anyone flies off the handle and tells me I shouldn't spank/pat/slap/tap/etc. my child - let's just not go there, I'm in no way causing him harm). Now this form of discipline doesn't so much seem to be working because most of the time he laughs and thinks it's funny, so now I'm at a loss.

I've also tried totally ignoring him, which is hard when he is whacking you, but I have - that didn't seem to have much effect either.

The BIGGEST issue is that Jack doesn't just like to hit this mom, he is hitting at daycare. Just this morning one of the 3 year old boys was sitting on the ground when we got there, I put Jack down and as soon as Jack headed for Logan - Logan scooched backwards away from Jack really fast! I looked at Tonya and she said, "Well it's because he knows whats coming!" Jack hits him! Ugh! What am I supposed to do!?!?

signing off - Frustrated and Embarassed

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Jack now has 3 teeth! His bottom middle 2 popped through last night! Whoop! Whoop!

His mouth is still really swollen in multiple spots so I'm thinking we are no way done, but hopefully we will get a break in another week or so!


jack is going to be a pitcher just like his daddy!
look at that follow through!
and yes he threw this ball right at my face/camera!

how hard is it to change a diaper?

this is how we have to do it in the Spear household...
we love on him in order to trick him into laying down...

he immediately makes a roll for it...

and gets onto his knees! now if your hands slip he will be off like a rocket so HOLD on!

we wrestle him back to his back while he screams the entire time...

then we quickly, very quickly strap on the diaper...as he makes his second or third or fourth attempt at a get away!

an afternoon at the park

I got a new fancy (fancier) camera and this is the first time I tried it out! I'm so far from a professional or even a photography fanatic, but I think I did okay!?

playing like a big boy!

we ran down to the park from the house, hence why i'm a sweaty, greasy mess!

just a swingin'

jack checkin' out his shadow!

climbing on the picnic table!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

we got a canine...

Nope, not a dog - Jack managed to pop through his VERY FIRST TOOTH this past weekend! And in typical Jack-Style it wasn't your "run of the mill" bottom middle tooth or even an upper middle tooth...it was his upper left-side canine!?

Weird I know, maybe even a bit concerning, but hey at least he has teeth, or a tooth! I guess we don't exactly know yet if he has the rest of his teeth!

Jack has also started being a dare devil and letting go of the furniure and standing solo for a few seconds (big achievement in Jack's world)! He is also getting better at walking while holding his hands and is cruising all along the furniture! I think we may actually have a walker - before his 2nd birthday! :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

fourth of july

Better late than never!

it was HOT out!

jack with his soon-to-be daddy uncle cory!

jack and papa spear!

jack was fascinated with great gma and gpa's flowers!

relaxing on the lawn..

my tan little man!

jack is already into america's pastime - baseball! i think he is going to be a pitcher like his daddy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

and the winner is...

The SIPPY! We have been having a sippy vs bottle battle since Jack turned 1! He easily passed on the bottle at daycare and hadn't been having any bottles there from about 11.5 months, but he refused his morning and evening milk in anything but his beloved bottle!

I tried heating the milk up for his sippy - that didn't help. He would take the cup, take a few sips, and then throw the cup down and look at me with utter disgust! Huh...

So I just gave it a few weeks and the day he turned 13 months (not even on purpose) I thought I'll just give him his milk in a cup, cold mind you - no warming it up, and he will drink it once he gets thirsty. And drink he did! The first few days he wasn't into it, but now he drinks his milk like the Big Boy that he is with no problem!

No more bottles in the Spear Household (well they are still there, but we aren't using them)! :-)