Friday, February 27, 2009

Doctor Update...

I went to the doctor today for our monthly appointment. I had to do my Glucose Test today, so I wasn't really in too great of a mood to start with because I couldn't eat anything until after my blood was drawn and I couldn't even drink anything after I drank the Glucola (notice how the try to make it sound like it's a nice cola soft drink - "Glucola", yeah right). So I get there and not having drank anything I couldn't go to the bathroom to give them a urine sample. I managed to squirt out maybe 5 drops, but I guess it was enough because she didn't ask me to try again.

Then I go in the room and she takes my blood pressure and says it's fine and that the doctor would be right in. Then the nurse comes back and says, "Dr. got called to the hospital for an emergency, so we don't know when she will be back." I'm thinking, "OK...maybe I should just have them take my blood for the Glucose Test and then reschedule to see the doctor next week," but no they were like just wait and see how long it's going to be. Thankfully she came back about 30 minutes later - quick delivery, huh!

So she comes in and measures my belly and says, you are measuring big! I was like, "Are you sure I'm just not FAT?" She was like, "No, you aren't fat. You are carrying everything out front." So I was like, "Well that's why I'm measuring big then?" She said, "Well probably not, I'm guessing you might have Gestational Diabetes which is causing the baby to be big, but we will be know for sure when your blood work from today comes back."

At this point I'm just really annoyed and only want to hear Jack's heartbeat and leave. So she gets out the doppler and starts feeling around for the heartbeat. I hear, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, bang...Jack obviously didn't want to have her pressing on him because he continually kicked the dopler so that she couldn't get a good reading. Finally she said, well he was at 140 bpm before the started kicking and then went to 160 bpm after the kicked, which she said is the reaction they want. She said that the heartbeat should increase as a reaction to his movement, so that was the only POSITIVE thing that came out of this appointment, well and the fact that I only gained half as much weight this month as I did last hopefully I can start evening out!

So we go in 2 weeks for another ultrasound and doctor's visit, at least I'll get to him again.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Double Digits!

I'm so excited! Today on my google ticker we have hit double digits! Only 99 more days to go! Feels like quite the achievement - I remember when it first said like 199 days to go - haha, so this feels great!

26 Weeks hits tomorrow and I have a doctor's appointment on Friday - just our monthly visit, but it's always exciting to go and at least hear the heartbeat and of course see how many pounds I piled on this month!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!!

Today is Chris' 26th Birthday so I just wanted to show him a little love from Jack, Charlie, George, and Me!

Nothing too special going on. I bought Chris some running boards for his new truck - well they are partially for me b/c I can barely get up into the truck at this point, it sits way too high off the ground for a pregnant woman! Tonight we are going to go out to eat with some friends and tomorrow we are going to run to KC to pick up a dog box for his truck.

Next Friday I go to the doctor again for our monthly appointment, but this time I have to do my Glucose test. They gave me this little container with what looks like orange soda, but from what I hear it tastes horrible so I'm not so much looking forward to having to drink it! YUCK!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Miss Addie

Derek emailed me some new pictures of Addie. I love this first one! Haha! So far her eyes have stayed BLUE and she definitely got her Daddy's long eye lashes! Lucky girl, I always wanted those eye lashes!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Firsts...

What follows is a little collage of some of "Our Firsts" or first baby items!

Our First Travel System - Stroller/Car Seat Combo

Jack's First Stuffed Animals for his Jungle Room!

Jack's Training Potty! My sister-in-law's father makes them by hand! We have only 1 of 2 in the whole world! It's so cute! Notice the toilet paper roll holder and magazine rack!

Jack's First bit of clothing!

Jack's Room

Chris has been working on getting Jack's Room painted and ready for furniture for a few nights now. I thought it would be good to get some "Under Construction" photos to see all the progress he made in transforming our spare bedroom/storage room into our little man's "Sweet Retreat!"

It doesn't look like much yet, but it's going to look wonderful once he is all done!
The first photo is some of the fabrics we are going to use in his room. The strips are for curtains and the lighter animal print will be the ties for the curtains and some pillows. The other animal print will be an accent fabric for just wherever. I'm still trying to find one more print of like big jungle-looking leaves, but not luck yet! The tan/camel background in the picture is his bedding.


25 Weeks!!

Well here it is my 25 Week picture! I found that trying to remember at the end of the day was too hard - hence why I've missed the last 4 weeks, so we took this at lunch! Man what 4 pregnancy weeks can do to you! My baby belly is definitely starting to be unmistakable!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jack Nolan Spear

Yup...that's our little man's name! I thought I had already posted that on here, but I scanned and I guess I didn't. It was actually really easy to come up with. We both agreed a long time ago before we were even married that Jack would be our first son's name, so that part was easy. The middle name was a bit more tricky! And at that point I was trying to keep the name a secret so it wasn't like I could ask for help or opinions, but then one day Chris emailed me and was like what about "Nolan" and I loved it! So that's it: Jack Nolan!

In other baby news! I won the trim fight and we have started painting it white. Chris isn't so much liking the process, but agrees it will look nice once it is finished! The crib and changing table have been ordered and later this week we are going to get the rug! Then I will have to make a trip to pick up/order the fabric. So hopefully within the next month or so the room will be done!

I also scheduled my pregnancy photos for April 18th. I'm a little scared b/c that is only like 6 weeks before my due date so I'm pretty sure I'm going to be HUGE! The photographer we have picked out will do these photos, Jack's newborn photos, and then she has a "First Year Program" where she takes their 3, 6, 9, and 12 months photos. I like her work and she is reasonably prices which is always nice! Here is her website if anyone wants to check it out - and her website allows family and friends to view the proofs too! I'll just have to post the password on the blog with the link!


Friday, February 6, 2009


Chris has been traveling for work so I haven't been able to take any pictures for the last 2 weeks, but next week be prepared b/c I feel like I have ballooned!

But even without pictures there are a few changes going on... Well the baby is moving, moving, moving! And I've determined that he definitely doesn't like being repositioned in the middle of the night - he really starts kicking and punching HARD!

As for me, my belly is getting more and more defined everyday and it's starting to get real hard to the touch. I have also begun to develop the digusting dark line that supposedly runs from your pubic bone up to your naval, except for mine doesn't look to be stopping at the naval it looks like it goes past my bellybutton up about 4 more inches! What the heck? It's so gross. My mom was staying with me this past weekend and she was the one that pointed out that it was above my bellybutton which made me mad b/c I hadn't yet noticed that. And to add insult to injury she called me last night and said, "Hey, you know the pregnant man? Well his dark line runs all the way up his chest. So that means you have the "pregnant man line!" And she was so excited about it, I was definitely not! She just thought it was so funny! And her line was funny, but I'm definitely not excited about having the "pregnant man line". So gross!

Also this week I got a buying itch and went out and bought our stroller/carseat system. It's so cute! And I put it all together by myself! I was proud! And last weekend mom and I went shopping for fabric for about the third time, but this time was successful! We found 3 different prints that all coordinate so cute and totally fit our "manly jungle room" theme! I also got the crib bedding and it matches the prints perfectly, so I'm getting really excited! Now I just need tons of jungle animals, well and the furniture - but I have it picked out, and for mom to make all the curtains, pillows, ect. and we should be on our way. The only thing left to debate is whether or not we want to paint all the trim in the baby's room white or leave it the wood, but that won't be a big deal either way. Yea!