Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 7 Weight Check

Woo-Hoo! I made my goal this week (barely), the scale read 1(x-1)9 this morning! Yippee! Now I just can't let it go back up in the X range!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day In The Sun

Jack's First Trip to the Park!

Riding the Teeter-Totter!

Playing with Addy!

Just a Swingin'

Too Cute!

He LOVED the Swings!

Deck Play at Home!

Such a Flirt!

There's that Glare I Love!


Nope, we still don't have any, but I've concluded that the Devil is behind the entire teething process. Jack is heading into week 3 of his on and off, sleeping and not sleeping, screaming and not screaming teething escapade.

I have decided that he MUST be teething b/c he has been back on his reflux meds for well over a week and the hiccups have disappeared (thanks Prevacid), but the pain and sleep disruptions remain! I didn't think he would teeth for this long at once? Is this normal?

I've ruled any other illness out because the pain seem sporadic and not consistent. He will be fine and sleep and eat great, then the next day and night he is a mad man!?

I just wish his teeth would either come in or just go away! :-) So he can feel better and I can get back to sleeping through the night without disruption!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 6 Weight Check

So I forgot to weigh this morning, but I weighed last night (which I hate doing), but I was down to 1X0 again (4 pounds overall) which really isn't great for being at this for 6 weeks...

My big goal is to get back into the 1(x-1) range next week! I'm determined! We'll see!


Monday, March 22, 2010


In my attempts to further my diet and exercise program, I am now a full-fledged member of the Y...M...C...A (imagine the song in your head), like I pay a membership fee and everything. I am taking lunch classes M-F now, not just M,W,F and to top it all off - we have a new step aerobics teacher on M and W and she is a BEAST! I mean, BEAST - brutle, but deep down I know that's a good thing (I'm not sure my ass will agree tomorrow morning), but shesh after 2 weeks off (tattoo and spring break) I was DYING today - I'm pretty sure my internal temp is still like 105 degrees and class ended 40 minutes ago!

I forgot to weigh this morning, but I will tomorrow and post the weight check then (I'm scared by the way)...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Debate Update

I thought an update or more info was necessary after some of the comments I have received on the whole teething debate. Everyone thinks it sounds like teething to them, which is good and bad in my case.

I have tried Tylenol alternating with Motrin - doesn't seem to help much. We've tried the Teething Tablets - didn't see anything come of that at all. I haven't tried Baby Orajel, but I'm going to get some (hence we I haven't tried it), but I looked last night and I seriously DO NOT SEE ANYTHING in his mouth! No swollen gums, no white spots, no nada!?

I mean I totally wish/hope that he is teething because I'm dying to let him try more table food and I'm starting to wonder if he even has teeth anywhere under those gums - I mean he is 9.5 months old for goodness sake!

But I did start him back on his reflux meds this morning because the more I watched him the more I thought he was showing some signs of reflux - rearing his head back, not wanting to lay down on his back, the non-stop hiccups, it's always worse at night after he has ate all day long (Tonya says he is fine all day at daycare, but around 5:30 or so he gets super duper cranky!), wanting bottles over food - this soothes the pain in his throat, the wet burps have begun again as well and waking at 2am screaming.

Either way - his reflux meds won't hurt him and we can try weaning again in another few months and if it's teeth then teething TOTALLY sucks! We'll see hopefully here in the next week or so if we pop a tooth through or if his meds take his symptoms away (it takes about 5-7 days for the medicine to start working again - grr...).


Week 5 Weight Check

I'm not even sure why I keep making these posts? Simply to make my failures known to the world I guess.

I weighed the same this morning as last week - ugh...I actually feel decent about this because I didn't work out one day last week due to my new tattoo (it's on my foot so I couldn't wear a sock and shoe yet), but now that the tat has basically healed I'm going to the Y today and tomorrow at lunch! It's Spring Break so classes aren't being held, but I'm just going to go work out in the Women's Fitness Center - should be a good time...

Jack's daycare is closed Thursday and Friday so I'm going to work from home and hopefully if it's decent outside we can go for a walk those afternoons or I'll do my workout video while Jack naps....

Here's to getting back on track!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Debate

With myself that is...I can't decide if it's teething or reflux?

Jack has been a bit of Mr. Cranky Pants here lately and I can't tell if it's that he is teething or if it's his reflux? We took him off his reflux medicine on the 3rd of March to see if he didn't need it any longer because who wants their baby on medicine if it's not necessary?

I had actually forgot about the fact that we stopped his medicine until this weekend. He is either teething or having reflux pain and I just can't decide which one? He is chomping like an alligator, not wanting to eat his baby food, cries sporadically (screams in pain), is cuddlier than normal, drools, hiccuping more often, chews on his fingers, only wants cheerios and puffs or other finger foods, taking bottles well, he isn't spitting up (but he never really did with his reflux - it was "silent" - yes that is a medical term), no fever, he has been waking up earlier in the mornings screaming, screams when he wakes up from a nap (which is unusual - he is usually in a great mood upon waking), so all in all I don't know what the culprit is?

I'm going to check his mouth good tonight and if I don't see anything then I'm going to start his reflux meds again in the morning I guess...He still doesn't have any teeth so I have nothing to compare to in the teething behavior department.

Wish me luck...


Friday, March 12, 2010

Leg Update...Finally

After a long 9 days and many fights with the doctor's office we finally got some answers about Jack's x-rays!


We will start physical therapy in the next couple weeks to learn some exercises to help strengthen his legs and hopefully we will get on track with becoming more mobile!

I'm just super relieved that Jack isn't going to have to wear a cast or braces - all I could picture was Forest Gump (reference picture above)...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

clap, clap, claparoo

I'm so excited! After working for what seems like months (and probably was) Jack is CLAPPING! He doesn't like if I start clapping, but he likes to clap independently! If I clap and say "Yea!" He stops and just gives me one of his famous "WTH?" looks!

Either way, check that one off the list - on to waving! Oh how I wish he would wave...


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 4 Weight Check

Blah....last week was NOT a good week. Let's just get to it...I was up 2 pounds this morning when I weighed....Ugh.

Monday, March 8, 2010

9 Month Pictures

It was that time again! We took Jack for his 9 month photo session on Saturday and Jayme (our photographer) already has them up online! I'm IN LOVE!

Here is the link
Under Recent Photos - click Jack Spear
Password - Noland (yes it's spelled wrong)

Enjoy! I love them!


kisses from woowoo

Jack was so sweet this weekend - he was giving Chris and me tons of kisses! Jack isn't really the cuddly type of baby so this comes as a surprise to me! We were all laying on the couch and Chris asked for a kiss and Jack gladly obliged; leaning in then opening his mouth and planted one on Chris' mouth! So cute I almost died! Then I asked for a kiss and he leaned over and not only opened his mouth, but suck his tongue out and happily slobbered - I meant kissed me on the mouth!

The first few times I ever received kiss from woowoo I must admit I wasn't that impressed due to all the slobber and open mouthness, but they have absolutely grown on me! I will gladly be on the receiving end of a "open mouthed, tongue out kiss" from woowoo anytime!

By the way - woowoo is Jack's nickname at daycare. All the kids started calling him Jackie WooWoo which then became just WooWoo, but I like to write it woowoo in all lowercase because I'm cool like that! I call Jack googer (like booger, but with a "g"), but woowoo is starting to take over b/c it's so darn cute!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Jack The B.A.

B.A. stands for Bad A$$...

This is a couple weeks old story, but I'm just now finding time. I picked up Jack from daycare one day and Tonya said, "Man he was onry today!" I was like, "Jack were you onry, were you a bad boy?" Tonya says, "Well, him and Chase (Chase is about 6 weeks younger then Jack) were sitting on the floor playing and Jack handed Chase a car, then took it away, then he handed it back, then took it away. So Chase just kind of turned away and started playing with something else, then Jack let out a scream and launched the car hitting Chase in the eye! Chase now has a black eye!" I was like, "Are you serious? Jack that's a mean naughty boy!" Haha!

I seriously doubt Jack threw and hit him on purpose - unless he is just a bully, but I don't think he understands other people have feelings yet and that he hurt Chase, but it was a little funny!

However, karma is a BITCH b/c the next day when I picked Jack up he had a black eye! I asked what happened and Tonya said well he was excited playing and grabbed a car from behind and swung it around and hit himself right under his eye! Poor Baby Jack! It really wasn't that bad, he just had a small red mark and it didn't even really bruise at all!


9 Month "Kan Be Healthy"

Wednesday Chris and I took Jack for his 9 month "Kan Be Healthy" (Kan is a play on Kansas - I do know how to spell) check up with Dr. Mijares! I was excited, but also kind of dreading it b/c I knew we were going to have a problem.

I don't know how often I've mentioned this, but Jack does not stand - or doesn't stand well at least, not even assisted. You know like if I help him on my lap for him to stand or on the floor...he won't stand. To me in the last couple weeks it has become more apparent that he doesn't stand on his right leg really at all - he will hold it out and not put it down at all or will put his foot down on his toes and just kind of limp noodle the right leg. He has never been big on standing so I figured he was just being stubborn and would do it on his own time, but after 9 months I was starting to get a little concerned. It's odd though b/c sometimes (rarely) he will stand and seems to be fairly solid, but always more so on his left side and his right leg is always the leg to buckle first.

So anyway, I knew Dr. Mijares would want to check things out. So we were sent to the hospital to get x-rays of his knees and hips. I'm still waiting on a call from her with the results, but this is what we can expect: 1. If everything looks OK with his knees/hips then she is going to set us up with some physical therapy appointments so that I can learn some exercises to do with Jack to help build his leg strength. 2. If the x-rays do show something to be WRONG with his knees/hips we will have to go to KC to a specialist to have him checked out and she said most likely they will put him in a cast or braces for a period of time (hopefully a short period of time). Let's say I'm definitely hoping its more of a lazy bones problem rather than an actual bone problem!

In other news, Jack looks great in all other areas of development! He was 27 inches long and weighed 19 pounds 8.5 ounces! My little chunker!

He is still working on trying to crawl but does get up on all fours and bounce or rock back and forth now! He still hasn't figured how to go forwards, but he can worm himself all over in reverse! He is happier then ever and his personality is really starting to shine! He smiles and talks all day. I'd list the "sounds" (I won't refer to them as words) he makes, but there are so many. His faves are mama, dada, ba ba ba, oh, no, duh duh duh, uh uh uh, he whispers - it's odd I know, pst pst pst, ya ya ya, gaga. He really makes just about any sound you can imagine and he is starting to string them all together as if to make a sentence! He loves to share (not sure he knows that it's sharing?), but he will gladly try to shove, I mean gently give you his button! He screams with delight as people enter a room, he also screams with dismay when you leave! He loves to sit on your lap and bounce like he is riding a horse - we love to say "ride 'em cow-jack!".

I'll post an update when we hear from the doctor!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thinkin' Ink

To all my family if you don't like the idea of a tattoo...stop reading...I'm an adult and I'll do what I want! :-)

Saturday I will be getting my very first (of probably only 2) tattoos! I've always been the piercing kind of girl (nose, eye brow, ears gallore, belly button, and one that I won't identify) and made it through my youth with ZERO tattoos. However, this weekend that is ALL going to change!

I have an appointment at Punkteur in Joplin at 4pm Saturday afternoon! I'm going to get Jack's birth date on my left foot. I'm still debating on exactly where b/c I'm super obsessed and have to make sure the placement looks good with every type of shoe I will wear! Ha!

Wish me luck and little pain, although I hear the feet are just as bad as the ribs! Yikes! Pictures to come!


Week 3 Weight Check

Well last week was better then the one before, but still not great in my book - the weekends TOTALLY KILL my diet, especially since I've been traveling the last two which means eating out WAY TO MUCH!

However, I did manager to lose one pound last week according to the scale, but I'm super excited b/c this puts me in a new 10 pound range. I started at 1X4 and now I'm at 1(X-1)9! Yea for me!

I really wish Chris would stop traveling so much so he could be available to cook dinner, b/c trying to diet while only eating frozen food doesn't so much work out very well! Then again...I guess I could learn to cook, but then what would Chris do? :-)

Until next week! xoxo