Friday, January 28, 2011

surgery on monday

We got in to see Dr. Baker this morning (thanks to a cancellation) and Jack needs tubes ASAP - his words! Jack is scheduled for Monday morning at 7:30!

The surgery itself sounds easy; I get to go back with him and hold him until he falls asleep (the use gas anesthesia so no IV, no intubation), then it only takes 3-5 minutes to put the tubes in and then we will go to recovery for 30-60 minutes and then be on our way home!

Chris and I are both going to stay home with him Monday and then he will go back to daycare on Tuesday!

I'll post an update/pictures sometime Monday or Tuesday!

Wish us luck! I honestly think the hardest part will be not giving Jack anything to eat or drink after midnight on Sunday until AFTER his surgery! That's going to be KILLER!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ear, nose and throat

Yup, that's where we're headed - the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor. I think Jack's doctor has finally given up (or she was scared that I might kick her ACE if she didn't figure something out) and she is referring Jack to Dr. Baker (which I've heard fabulous things about).

I'm hoping we can get in sometime this week (because Feb. 1 is the first day of our new insurance year) so that we don't take the full financial brunt of this ordeal since we've already hit our dedubtible for 2010 everything up until the new plan year is 100% FREE!

So I'll keep you posted! Wish us luck!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

all caught up and what's next...

Now that I'm pretty much all caught up on the end of 2010, there are big changes coming our way! More on those later, but here's a hint to spark your interest: paint, remodel, land, for sale sign, signed contracts, house plans, school district - and it's all for Jack's future!

I'll provide details as things become set in stone!

To be continued...


Jack is just about 19.5 months now and I hate to say that so far this fall/winter he has been sick constantly! He is still having the respiratory issues and for some reason his doctor(s) haven't been able to kick it! He gets really congested and then the couging starts, then the gagging and throwing up from the coughing starts, and then we go to the doctor and he gets an antibiotic and within days he is BETTER - but it never lasts long.

Jack will be healthy as long as he is on his antibiotic and then for the first 2-3 weeks after he finishes his antibiotic and then the entire cycle starts over again!? Ugh, frustrating! We still do his breathing treatment(s) daily and he still takes his Singulair every night - I'm almost at a loss.

I have been told that it could be allergies (duh, the Singulair), but that it could maybe be a food allergy too. A few friends of mine have taken their toddlers to an allergist here in town that works with children/toddlers - so this week I'll be discussing that with Jack's doctor because you guessed it - it's time to go see her again!

Other than the sick issue, Jack is right on track developmentally! He is running, climbing and jumping! He has a new found love of books and wants to read at least 5-10 every evening! He also loves to color - on everything!?!? He is talking more and more and has started putting a few 2-3 word phrases together! Here are a few of the words/phrases I hear over and over - everyday, but I still find it just too cute!
  • Where's Chahi? or Where'd Chahi go? (Where's Charlie? Where'd Charlie go?)
  • Where's Daddy?
  • Where'd (insert he/she/they/dog/kitty) go?
  • Peedaboo (peek-a-boo)!
  • Moooore!
  • Chahi! Chahi! Chahi!
  • Dawg! Dawg! Dawg! Arf, Arf, Arf!
  • Kitty-Kitty! Moow! Here kitty kitty! (the cat call goes for an animal, not just cats)
  • Birrrrr (Bird)
  • Big Boy!
  • Big Dawg!
  • Baaal! (Ball)
  • Nine! Nine! Nine! (this was the first button he found on his number book)
  • Baaabeee! (Baby)
  • Caaaaar. (Car)
  • Deeeeer. (Deer)
  • Baaath (Bath)

He says more words, but these are the most commonly heard and as you can see he LOVES to carry his "a's" out! Haha! It's cute! He also understands everything you ask him. He has started taking directions and following through. Ex: he puts his shoes away, he throws things in the trash, he helps put the laundry away, he knows his bedroom versus Momma and Dada's bedroom, he knows what all of his toys are and will bring you back the correct one when you ask, he knows when he is in trouble and needs to go sit down and chill out - things like this!

I couldn't be more proud of how he is growing and learning, although I could do without some of the "boy" characteristics - kicking and wrestling and climping/jumping up/off things! Yikes! He is going to make me have a heart attack!

At his 18 month appointment he weighed 24 pounds and was 31.5 inches tall (I think). He has about 11-12 teeth now too! And he is no longer my perfect little sleeper and is sleeping in our bed at least half the night, but I figure until I have a reason to kick him out...I'd rather sleep!


Jack has had a few sleepovers with Papa, Meme, KK, and D lately (because Momma and Dada have been busy - more on that soon!). He loves it! He loves his Papa - and his Papa's chair, he loves wrestling with Aunt D, he loves Meme, Pickles - and Pickles bed, and his Aunt KK!

christmas in pictures

Merry Christmas!

Jack loves to dance and he gave us quite a show on Christmas Eve - the next sequence of photos are of his performance! I think he gets it from his Momma! :-)

Chrismas Morning at Papa and Meme's house! Jack got an awesome camo recliner, it even has a cup holder! P.I.M.P

Gammy Nan's Christmas Corner!

Jack's first offical gun! I honestly think Dada was even more excited than Jack was!

Mr. Business!

Jack and Addy got cars from Gpa T!


Baller! Too bad he can't reach the pedal yet! :-(

We hope everyone had just as wonderful of a Christmas as we did!

thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was BUSY once again for the Spear Family this year, and for some reason I didn't end up with ANY pictures!

Thanksgiving Day was spent at Grandpa and Grandma Spear's house with the entire Spear Clan.

We then ventured to Chanute on the following Saturday and spent the first part of the day with my Dad and Stacy and then the evening with my Mom! It was a quick trip, but a great one!

Jack enjoyed tons of food, but mostly candy!

jack's first haircut!

Jack had his first haircut back in November before Thanksgiving! I was a bit concerned how he would do, but I should've known better than to doubt him! He did GREAT! He was so interested in what was going on and he watched Steph in the mirror the entire time! I was also very impressed with Steph and Jess - they kept him calm and entertained the entire time (10-15 minutes!). Enjoy the pictures! And yes since this post is long overdue - Jack is already ready for a trim!

He has no idea what's coming!

At first, he didn't appreciate the water bottle, but then he thought it was funny!

Combing his hair!

He was very concerned Steph might cut his ear off!

Whoa Lady! I said a TRIM! :-)

Checkin' out the progress!

Getting used to the trimmer.

He was a little unsure at first!

Then he decided it wasn't so bad and did great!

I for some reason didn't have an "after" picture - sorry! But he did so well and I was so proud! Steph even gave him a quarter to get some Reese's Pieces! Thanks Steph!