Friday, May 13, 2011

Osage Beach

Our weekend vacation consisted of alot of rough-housing...

playing at the park...

sliding down slides...

and playing with play-doh...

all while enjoying the lake view!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

first love

It's official, Jack has his first girlfriend - Bella!

Jack and Bella - They look like they are so much in love, right?

Jack and Bella have been going to daycare together for about 16-17 months (since Bella was 6 weeks old!) and they have the stereotypical love/hate relationship! They remind me of elementary kids on a playground, where the boys are mean and tease the girls they like!? Well that's them, except Bella gets her digs in on Jack too!

One minute, these two will be pushing each other down, tackling each other, and "yelling" at each other...the next minute they will be "making out" in a corner! When Tonya first mentioned them making out I thought she was kidding...she.was.not.kidding!

Jack and Bella are both really fond of Tonya's storm door that looks outside, they love standing there! In fact, this is where most fights begin b/c at their age they don't share well! Recently, the storm door has also become their "love nest"! Tonya said they will stand "making out" and hugging while they enjoy the outside scenery! "Making Out" consists of hugging each other and kissing - mouths open! Can.You.Believe.That? Disclaimer - No, Tonya does not encourage the kissing and does not allow the kissing to happen and stops them when it does happen!

Jack and Bella always give each other hugs and kisses before they leave daycare every day! So stinkin' cute!

Jack Update

Here is a LONG overdue update on the Jack Hammer! It started out as an email to my friends Chelse and Chelsea but as I wrote it turned more into a draft blog post! Yea, a two-for or is it two-fer? Either way, you know what I mean! Enjoy!

Note: I just posted this and it's totally crummy format, I'm going to try once to make it look better and if it doesn't I apologize...

Boys are CRAZY or at least mine is!

He is a t-total brat! He whines and cries if he doesn’t get his way and enjoys multiple time out session every evening! And he is such a motha faker (while I was proofreading I almost deleted this b/c it might be blog inappropriate, but I left it b/c it's funny)! Like he will look to see if you are watching him and he will cry, if you look away he will stop, but the second you look back he is back to crying!

Last night he was in the tub and it was time to get out, here is our conversation:

Me: Jack, time to get out.

Jack: No!

Me: Jack, come on let’s get out and get your diaper on.

Jack: NOOOOOO! NOOOOOO! NOOOOO! (never looking away from the picture he was drawing on the shower walls with his blue bath crayon)

Me: Jack, it’s time to get out. I’m going to count to 3… ONE

Jack: (interrupting my count) TTTTTWWWWOOOO (looking at me out the corner of his eye like the little devil man that he is)

Me: (flabbergasted that 1) he was being a brat, but 2) that he knew TWO came after ONE!) Jack, if you get out I’ll give you a piece of gum!?


Ugh, boys!

He is starting to talk up a storm like overnight – he added Tonya, Darin, Piper, Bella, Karlee, Meme, Papa, Coco, Kayla, and Baby K, and Jo (George) to his vocabulary. I think he has like 60-70 words now and he is starting to make more and more 2-4 word phrases!

He is a BIG help when he wants to be – he puts his shoes away every night and throws his dirty clothes in his hamper and dirty diapers in the trash. He puts away his laundry (socks only, but hey it’s a start), he loves to help clean up and put things away. He is also responsible for putting all his toys back in the basket at the end of the evening before bed!

Speaking of bed – we have finally (knock on wood) made it back to his own bed for the majority of the night! I also broke him of his cup/milk obsession in the middle of the night! There were nights he would wake up 3 times wanting MORE and MORE milk! WTH?

He has also decided that he is SCARED.TO.DEATH of the pheasant hanging on the kitchen wall that has been there since he was born. He will NEVER turn his back to it so when he walks by the like shuffles sideways never letting his eyes leave the pheasant like it’s going to jump off the wall and peck him to death! Ha! It’s funny!

He now drinks from a pop can or water bottle by himself and doesn’t spill it – big achievement! He also can be handed anything to eat and he can eat it by himself without leaving a food disaster in his midst!

He is still obsessed with balls, not his own balls (again probably inappropriate, but oh well), sports balls – baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, golf balls! Looks like I might have to give in to the typicall sports themed big boy room when the time comes and those of you that know me know I.AM.NOT.HAPPY.ABOUT.THIS! I hate anything tyical, overdone, and baby/ we will see!

He is also obsessed with being OUTSIDE! Which I love, but sometimes is super annoying! He would always insist that Chris or I were outside as well, but just in the past month or so he will go out and wander around the back yard by himself (well, with the dogs) so that I can comfortably watch him from my view from the sofa! :-)

We go the end of the month for this 2 year – TWO.YEAR. – checkup so I’ll have all the stats then!