Monday, June 28, 2010

blast from the past in pictures

These are just some old pictures I came across from the end of May that I never posted, enjoy!

this lovely lil' green snake was sitting on the back of Tonya's porch chair one morning when i dropped Jack off! FREAKED ME OUT!

red eyes, but look how cute his chubby lil' finger looks pointing!?

attack of the jack monster!

"mom, seriously pick me up!"

"please pick me up?"

this is the "famous" McDonalds in Vinita, OK that crosses over Interstate 44! we sat right next to the window so Jack could see all the vehicles zooming by on his first trip to this "historic" landmark (haha)!

needless to say, he loved the big trucks! he is such a boy!

and a round of applause for the truck! too cute!

our little fish

We all went swimming this past Saturday at my Dad's house in Chanute! To sum up the experience in one word - FUN! Jack was awesome! This was his first time in a big pool and he was in HEAVEN! He wasn't scared of the water one bit! He loved floating, splashing, going under the water, and being thrown in the air (no I'm not kidding! proof is below)!

jack floating on his back, chillin!

chris and i threw jack back and forth about 5 or 6 times and he just laughed and laughed!

his cute towel poncho from heather, marshal, ruger, and beretta! he almost looks like an authentic mexican man! all he is missing is the donkey!

just hanging out!

i had to keep a tight grip, he kept trying to dive into the water and take off crawling! i don't think he quite understood he was surrounded by WATER!

jack loves his Gpa T!
The day was great! We also got to spend time with Gammy Nan later in the evening, but of course I forgot my camera, boo!

Friday, June 25, 2010

a slap in the face

I got a MAJOR reality check/slap in the face yesterday - here is how it all went down...
Cast of Characters -
Darci - myself (duh)
Tonya - Jack's daycare provider
Tanner - Tonya's 11 year old son
Logan - Tonya's 9 year old son

Tanner: Dionthe (the neighbor boy) thinks you're hot!
Darci: Dionthe is gross!
Logan: Well you ARE kinda hot!
Darci: Well thanks Logan!
Tanner: Hm..I'd say you are OK, like somewhere in the middle...
Darci: Oh, really? Well you should have seen me before I had a kid!
Tonya: Yeah, you should see her pictures on facebook from her wedding! She was really tiny!
Tanner: So you used to be skinny too?
Darci: Sad look on face...
Tonya: Yeah and she had really long black hair!
Tanner: So why'd you cut your hair off?
Darci: I don't know! I think I'll go home and NOT eat dinner now! Thanks Tanner!

That's all I have to say about that!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

revamping the blog

From the beginning of my blog until now it has focused on my pregnancy and then of course Jack! Now that Jack has turned the big ONE! I'm thinking I'm going to sort of re-direct the direction of the blog to more of a "Family" blog! Talk about more then just Jack and what he is doing and include more about our day to day life!

I hope no one minds too much? Not that I care much, because this is MY blog of course!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

guess i'll try ww...

Well I have to admit I got totally side tracked and burnt out on the whole trying to lose weight thing simply because I wasn't seeing results and I felt like I was working so hard. I've realized that my lack of weight loss has to be due to my eating habits, not a lack of exercise since I've been exercising 5 days/week!

So I've decided that yesterday was a new start! It's the start of a new session at the Y, so that helps too! I'm going to try the whole weight watchers things - again. I did it for awhile before my wedding and it seemed to help some. I think just writing down what I eat will be the main focus and will help me the most.

So I'm starting over again with week 1....(and yes I can do this - it's my blog)! Yesterday the scale read 1X9 - yes that is up about 2 pounds from my last weight check about a month ago...ugh!


12 month "kan be healthy"

Jack had his 12 month check up yesterday with Dr. Mijares. All is well in Jack's world, well minus the whole delay on gross motor, but that's nothing new. He weighed 21 pounds 6.5 ounces and was 28 inches long (I think).

The bad news was Jack had to have his finger pricked and then FIVE shots! Poor baby, but he is such a stud! He barely cried and stopped not 30 seconds after his last shot! He even flashed his nurse (the one who stuck him) a flirty smile on the way out!

Dr. Mijares does want me to take Jack to a dentist to get x-rays to make sure he actually has teeth since we still have ZERO and none in sight! Ugh, I'm thinking I'll do that when I get around to it - nothing to rush, if he doesn't have teeth he doesn't have teeth, right? Nothing I can do about that!