Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 2 Weight Check

So...I didn't lose any weight last week, but I'm 100% blaming it on going to Wichita this weekend. We ate out twice and went out Saturday and drank and Julie made brownies so we ate them throughout the trip...ugh! And when I got home Chris had picked up our GSC which I'm addicted too. So the bright side is that I didn't gain any weight! Ha! I was on track to lost another 1-2 pounds this week until my trip.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is going to be random...

I've been so busy lately and with Chris being gone the last 3 weeks for work that doesn't leave me much time to even think about blogging, but I'm procrastinating this morning before I dive into work!

Let's do a little catch up on my favorite topic - Jack!
  • He is getting more and more mobile, but not crawling just yet. He scoots backwards on his belly everywhere he wants to go or he scoots on his bottom while sitting. He still doesn't understand how to sit up from laying down - he tries to do a "sit-up" move but his poor little baby abs just aren't strong enough that way! He has started bouncing anytime you hold him which makes me think he will crawl sometime in the fairly near future (hopefully).
  • He is babbling more then EVER! Oh and he now says Mamamamamama! Of course he doesn't know that I'm mama or that Chris is Dada, but it's still nice to hear it! He talks pretty much constantly. He is way more focused on his verbal skills then motor skills, but he always has been!
  • Jack loves his new Robeez! He wears a pair everyday now and doesn't seem to be bothered by them at all! I'm going to take pictures of him wearing each pair and will post them soon!
  • Jack's eyes are still a blue/gray color, his skin is becoming more olive, and his hair is darkening! Yea - how cute is he!
  • Jack is eating 4 7-8 ounce bottles/day, 2 stage 2 containers of food/day, and a mid-morning snack - either puffs, mum mums, yogurt or a fruit!
  • Jack is starting to get a bit of a temper when things don't go his way. Take a toy away - he screams! Leave the room - he screams! Not paying 100% attention - screams! I'm hoping he is just testing his boundaries and this will pass!
  • Jack is still going to bed at 7pm and sleeping most mornings until 6-7am! YES!
  • We are still working on waving hi/bye and clapping, as well as his pincher grasp!

Valentine's Day wasn't really anything too special this year, we usually don't go all out b/c my birthday is 2 weeks before and Chris' is 2 weeks after. I got Chris a new pair of pants he had been wanting, I got a new purse and wallet and we went out for dinner! Jack kind of got the shaft from his parents, but his grandparents came through! He got a new pair of PJ's, some socks, a teddy bear, and money! Thanks everybody!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 1 Weight Check

I meant to do this yesterday, but forgot until after I was in bed and I couldn't post from my phone, so anyway Week 1 of "New Life" diet and exercise produced a 4 pound weight loss! Yep, down to 1X0! Yea for me! Here's to another good week!


Monday, February 8, 2010

THIS IS IT!!!!!!!

Today is the start of my new life, well not life, but my workout and eating life! I know I've said it before, but this time something has got to change! I'm still 30 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight and it kills me!

I've been doing Jilian Michael's 30 day shred video for about a month, and I can definitely tell I'm toning, but the scale has yet to drop! I started a new Step Aerobics session at the YMCA today and will do that Monday, Wednesday, Friday over my lunch hour and then at least Tuesday and maybe Thursday will do Jillian at night! I only say maybe Thursday b/c the new season of Survivor starts this Thursday and I'm addicted! But maybe after Survivor since there isn't anything else good on Thursday nights! We'll see!

I'm also pledging to watch what I eat better - have only one burrito instead of two! And only have one chicken wrap instead of two, how about Subway over McD's (oh how I love McD's! It's definitely my WEAKNESS!). I've come down to portion control over all else, b/c if you know me well you know I can and do shovel it in at each meal! I always eat more then Chris and that's sad! Ha! I think it results from eating to fast and also the whole restricting food thing when I was younger - its like I think every meal is my last, but its not! No more candy snacks throughout the day either!

There it is my plan:
1. Step Aerobics at lunch
2. Jilian Michaels in the evening and weekends
3. No more BAD fast food (its all bad to some extent)
4. Portion control
5. No candy

I'm stating for the record that I weighed 1x4 pounds as of this morning (yeah right like I'm going to put my whole weight on here!), let's check back in a week to see how week one treats me! I want to drop at least 20 pounds by Jack's first birthday, but ultimately 30!


Friday, February 5, 2010


So I just showed this older guy I work with some of Jack's pictures on the blog b/c he said he hadn't seen any new ones in I pulled up the blog online and he goes, "What is that? You put that on the internet?" To which I replied, "Yeah, it goes back all the way from when I got pregnant! (with an air of excitement in my voice - like I know I'm cool)" To which he responds, "Well what about when he gets older and doesn't want his picture plastered all over the internet?" I hesitated, paused again, then said "Well that'll be his problem!"

But this got me thinking...what about when Jack is older? Do you think all of us new-age bloggers that post picture after picture and blog about topic after topic on our kids will regret these blogs someday?

Let's hear the feedback!


Those of you that are around Jack on a fairly normal basis know that Jack NEVER wears shoes, never has! Chris and I tried to put cute little black dress shoes on him for his 6 month pictures, but he flipped out and screamed!? Not sure if it was just b/c something was on his foot or b/c they were too small, if his toes got curled under when I put them on or what, but we ended up wasting the $13 they cost b/c he never wore them and I know they are too small now! Ha!

Well I started thinking a couple weeks ago that I should probably try to find some comfy, light, flexible - almost sock-like, if you will, shoes for Jack so that he starts getting used to having shoes on his feet! He isn't too mobile, just still scoots all over on his belly - not really even an army crawl as much as just a wiggle until he gets to what he wants, but I don't want him to finally start walking and freak b/c he has never worn shoes!? Maybe I'm crazy, but this is my thinking and I'm a first time mom so it's OK!

All this leads to ROBEEZ! I did some online research and came across Robeez which are shoes designed for infants through the first few years of life! The first line of shoes are soft soled, leather, flexible, and I have read nothing but great reviews! They aren't hard like a lot of infant shoes, these will be great for Jack as he becomes more mobile b/c he will get used to having them on, but will still have the flexibility like he is in socks! Here are his first 3 pairs that should be arriving next week!
I love these plaid ones! They will be super cute with Jeans and solid colored Polos for this Spring!
I'm not a huge fan of the trucks b/c it is rather "babyish" but they were the cutest brown ones they had that were on sale!I think these black ones are ADORABLE! They will probably be his standard pair for most days!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Unbelievable...Sad Subject Warning...

I wouldn't normally post about a topic I've seen on the news or read online, but yesterday I came across a story that just broke my heart b/c I just can't imagine what this mother is going through and it is unbelievable to think that a parent could do such a thing to their child.

Here is the short story, a girl named Katie that lives in SoCal had a baby last April - so just a month before I had Jack - and her relationship apparently wasn't the best with the baby's daddy, Stephen. Anyway, the father went a bit nuts b/c Katie left him and took Wyatt (the 9 month old) and her other son Dakota (3 years old - not with this guy). Stephen tried to get her to come back and started threathening her and Wyatt if she didn't. Just last week Katie went to court to get a restraining order, but the Judge denied her request and said the father was not a threat to her or the child and left his unsupervised visits in place. Stephen picked up Wyatt Saturday for his visit and that's when things went horribly wrong. He started calling Katie threatening to harm Wyatt and himself, Katie contacted the police who tried to find Stephen and Wyatt, but when they did it was too late. Stephen killed Wyatt and then himself. Stephen left letters, pictures, videos, etc. and also someone posted his suicide letter and a memorial photo album to his Facebook page shortly after the bodies were found. Here are the links to some of the media coverage:,0,5465098.story

I just find it chilling and absolutely disgusting that a parent could ever harm their child and I ache for Katie and her family - Wyatt was innocent in this whole mess, who couldn't help who his parents were or how they acted, but he is the one that suffered the consequences.

It is just an unbelievable, unimaginable, and distrubing story. I feel greatful that Jack has people around him that love and care for him so much and that I can trust will never hurt him, but it puts into perspective on another level how fast things can happen and change your life forever! I think I'll be giving Jack an extra tight hug tonight and an extra one for baby Wyatt!