Monday, November 22, 2010

our first picture disaster

This is bits and pieces of an email I sent my two best "mom" friends, who also happen to be two of my IRL besties all the way back from middle school and high school - Chelsea and Chelse.

We had our Family/Jack's 18 month pictures scheduled for this past Saturday and needless to say it was a 100% DISASTER! Jack was pissed from the moment we walked in the door and Jayme said, "Hi Jack!".

In the last 3 months or so he has really become aware of "strangers" or perople he doesn't see reguarly, but I never thought he would put on the performance he did Saturday. We started with the family shot for our Christmas card b/c I was worried he wasn't going to cooperate. And...he didn't. Every time Jayme said anything to get him to look her way he would either go "uhh" or "nooo" and stomp his foot. Then it got worse - he would throw himself on the floor and pound his hands and kick his feet in TRUE tantrum form! I couldn't believe it! I don't think we accomplished ONE picture. She said she thought she might have gotten 1 decent one of the first family pose. We even tried to just take some by himself b/c i thought he would act better if he could see me - WRONG! He stood on this chair screaming "NNOOOOOO" the entire time.

I AM SO SAD! I think I've lost control! He seems so angry and frustrated ALL THE TIME! He acts this way at daycare too...the fit throwing and stomping foot and punching and kicking things when he is mad. I don't know if it's just a phase or if it's his personality? And if it is his personality is it something we did!?

He is also not sleeping well at all anymore! And last week he wouldn't even nap at daycare more than like 45 minutes a day. He stays up until almost 9pm in his crib (even though he is put to bed no later than 730) just playing and talking to himself - then he is exhausted in the mornings and a total crab! UGH! I'm at a loss as to what to do with him?!?!

Sorry, had to vent!

I really don't know what to do anymore. We do time out! We are consistent with what the is and is not allowed to do. We love him. What in the world is going on?

xoxo Frazzled Mom

Thursday, November 18, 2010

likes to bite!

Jack has a new found passion for biting! It started awhile back, but in the past couple weeks it has increased in frequency. At first every once in awhile he would kind on nibble your mouth if he was giving a kiss, but I never thought much of it and actually thought it was kind of cute! Then he started biting down on our fingers while we brushed his teeth (with the little finger brush - needless to say we use a regular tooth brush now).

But now he is getting more aggressive AND his favorite thing to bite you ask? TOES! Yes, toes - it's so gross, but he seems like he just can't resist! Bare foot, socked foot, shoed foot - Jack doesn't discriminate! He loves them all equally!

Almost every night now he will sneak up on our feet and dive right in (usually going for the big toe) without warning. Sometimes he will grab ahold of your foot first, which gives you time to pull back - other times we are just out of luck! OUCH!

Jack thinks it is down right hilarious! And I'm not sure he is doing it to inflict pain - I think he likes the reaction of us jumping, jerking, and screaming - its funny to him! He also now likes to fake us out and act like he is giving a kiss on the cheek, all the while fully intending to bite your face off!

I started to wonder if he was biting at daycare? I hadn't been told he was, but I couldn't see how he wouldn't be there if he was doing it at home so reguarly? I talked to Tonya today and she said he hasn't bitten anyone other than her and that was only one time. She said they were snuggling and he was burying his face into her and bite her right between the boobs! Oops! Ha, but at least he isn't biting the other children - yet anyway!

Here's to hoping its a phase that he QUICKLY grows out of!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

chatter box...dancing king...bully...

Jack is talking more and more everyday! It's really quite cute! He tries to repeat everything you say! He was trying to say peek-a-boo this weekend which came out "pee-boo". He was looking for Charlie and kept saying "cha-ie". He says "let's go" and when we were at Jenny's shower last weekend a bunch of the guests were leaving and Jack picked up my camera bag and hooked it on his arm and proceeded towards the door saying "ets-o", I think he might be spending too much time with Momma! He also sings along with music in the car now, it's more of a hum but he is definitely trying! Chris said he kept saying "wus thaaa" and pointing out the window while they were in the truck the other day on their drive to Columbus, but I have yet to hear that one.

He says more, mine, doo (door), dog, birrr (bird), baaaalll, no, huh uh, tan que (thank you), uh oh, mama, dada, tuh dow (touch down and throws his arms up), fut ball (foot ball), bye, hi, hey, oowww (especially in public so people think I'm abusing my kid - I think he does it on purpose), no, nuts (chris taught him that), eye, nose. Thats all I can remember right now. We are working on ears, up, down, please and a few more animals - he doesn't know much of them b/c everything is a DOG!

He knows where his eyes, nose, mouth and tummy are. When you say "cover your mouth" when he coughs he will SLAP his hand over his mouth, and if you give him a tissue he will wipe under his nose (I just about die from the cuteness every time he does that!).

He is continuing his love of music, whether on the radio or a TV commercial! In the car if I say dance he starts moving and groving! I've also noticed he is becoming more aware of the TV in general...he is so his mother's son!

He is also still a bully. I haven't had any hitting reports from daycare lately, but his new thing is to tackle the 3 year old little boy, Logan, and sit on him (the boy won't push him off though), so when Jack gets bored supposedly he will take a step or two away and when Logan starts to get up he will run back and sit on him again...Oy vey! This mean-spirited attitude has also provided Jack the chance to quickly learn what time out is! He has a chair that is his time out chair and now it's to the point that if I talk in my "mom" voice and ask him if he needs a time out? he immediately gets sad, watery eyes, and a quivering bottom lip. Chris and I both have to try really hard not to smile b/c it's so cute - but this stuff is serious! :-)

That's all for now! xoxo