Thursday, May 24, 2012

Norah - Three Months

I apologize this post is so late.  I've had it drafted and took the pictures on her 3 month birthday, but it has taken me 3 weeks to upload the pictures onto my computer.  Mom fail, I know, but better late than never!  And just think this means you will get her 4 month update in just a couple weeks! :-)

Baby Girl is now THREE months old, time is definitely flying by quicker now that I'm back at work.  Her Two Months and One Month update seem like forever ago!  This is when routine is KEY for us and we all seem to be adjusting pretty well.  She is getting such a personality and still growing, growing, growing!  Norah had her second photo shoot this month and the pictures couldn't have turned out any better!  I am thrilled with them!

Jack has decided he LOVES Norah this month and it's so cute to see him try to entertain her and help her.  Peekaboo is his "go to" when he is trying to make her happy.  We were also baby-talking to her the other night and he found that pretty amusing.  He always tries to help when she gets fussy by putting her Button in her mouth, problem is sometimes she doesn't want it but Jack will persist and hold the button in her mouth even as she is shaking her head side to side trying to break away and spit it out!  It's pretty funny, he is finally catching on that she doesn't want it when she does that!  Tonya also says that Jack dotes on Norah alot during the day at daycare - always telling her when Norah wakes up or when Norah is fussing/crying, etc.  What a good big brother he is!

Eat - Norah has been eating 4 ounces 7 times a day.  She takes one middle of the night bottle still anywhere from 2-4am.  I really think we are almost to the point of dropping this bottle but as soon as I do she starts waking up at 2am versus sleeping consistently to 4am.  But it's really not too bad because most of the time she goes back to sleep rather quickly, most of the time.  Tonya and I were just discussing bumping up her bottles another half ounce to see how well she tolerates it - it's not that I don't think she could or would eat more, it's whether or not her tummy can handle that much and if it will cause her reflux to be worse.  We shall see.

Sleep - Norah is still sleeping pretty good at night.  She goes down and is usually in our room by 7:30pm asleep.  She is still sleeping in her Rock N Play sleeper next to the bed - boy I'm going to hate the day we have to transition her to her crib, but I'm avoiding that as long as possible.  She still gets a bottle usually from Chris anywhere between 10-11pm and then again anywhere from 2-4am then I usually get her up a little before 7am to eat and get ready to head to daycare!  Not a bad schedule.

Health - We did have our first illness this month. Norah developed a super stuffy nose - no cough, no fever and the drainage was always clear/white. I let her fight it off for 10 days on her own, but after 10 days and no improvement I took her in to see Dr. Mijares. She wanted to give her a few more days to try to kick it and said to bring her back the start of the following week if she wasn't better. Norah overall didn't seem too bothered by the stuffiness except when trying to sleep or when I had to repeatedly use the suction bulb. The next week came and she wasn't any better, so back we went and at that point her oxygen level was 95, still fine but "normal" is 98 or 99. Since babies don't know how to breathe through their mouths she was fighting to breathe through her little nose and just wasn't getting as much oxygen. She also didn't gain any weight in the 6 days between visits and even lost 3 ounces. Dr. decided it was time for antibiotics - 14 days worth of antibiotics in fact and Norah just took her last dose yesterday! She didn't have any reaction to the medicine other than the fact that it tore her belly apart. She takes a probiotic every day which helps with gas and keeping her bowels moving, but it just wasn't quite enough once the antibiotics wiped out all the good bacteria in her belly so she was much gassier than normal, mostly at night, so I'm hoping she will be back on track here in the next few days.  She is also still taking Prevacid twice a day and it seems to be working well for her for now so we will stick with it and maybe try to wean down to once a day around 6 months or so.

Play - Norah has really become more interested in playing this past month and usually can entertain herself for about 20-30 minute sessions (more if the toy has lights AND sounds).  She loves being more upright, I'm guessing so she can see everything.  She loves her play mat though and the mobile on her RNP.  She hasn't fully reached out and grabbed a toy, but she bats her arms around until she catches one and then will hang on to it for a minute or so and let it go and then start batting around again until she finds something else.  She is getting close though! Norah also loves to play in her baths!  Jack and Norah started taking baths together this month so Norah is in the big tub and she just loves kicking her legs and floating on her Pomfitis bath pillow!  It's so cute!

Learn - Norah started giggling/laughing this month which is her biggest achievement.  She still hates tummy time so she isn't even close to rolling over.  She is pushing up higher though on her arms (when forced to do tummy time) and her head control is great.  She can sit in an assisted postion for a long time too, she just needs help balancing around her mid section!  She also noticed her reflection in a mirror this month, of course she doesn't know it's her but she will often stare, smile and make faces at the mirror on her play mat!

Grow - At 12 weeks old Norah weighed 12 pounds 12 ounces and was 23 inches long!  She is in 3 month clothes, but some seem to be getting a little snug.  She is also now in size 2 diapers, BIG GIRL!

Norah and Lenny!

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