Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jack Turned 3!

As Jack's birthday rolled around, we immediately knew what the theme of his party had to be...SUPERHEROS!!  The day turned out great!  We grilled out, had cake and candy and cookies, we got a bounce house for the kids and all around had a good time in the back yard with family and friends!  Jack got spoiled with gifts, as usual!

At his 3 year check up he weighed 29 pounds 6 ounces and was 36 inches tall. Still my tiny little man, but the doctor wasn't worried because he is still on the same steady growth curve he has been on since he was a baby! BUT just as a comparison - I took both kids to the doctor last week together (Norah had Bronchitis and Jack had Croup) and Jack's weight was 28 pounds 7 ounces and Norah's weight was 18 pounds 6 ounces! Only a 10 pound difference and he is 2.5 years older!

The cake tables...with no cake..
I didn't get a good picture of the cake, but this is what it was and it seriously looked just like this!  It was awesome!

Backyard Set up!

The bounce house didn't match the theme, but no one seemed to mind!

Bean being the DIVA that she is!

One of my favorites - Sophia Claire

A little slide time!


Lovin' the bounce house!

Jack, Addy and Breckin - my brother's two kids.


Blowing out the candles!

Momma, Daddy and Bean got Jack a Spiderman Bike!

Jack and Piper - she is future wife material!

Spiderman Pinata!
This is my favorite picture of the day!

Bounce House Fun!
Norah and Miss Tonya - Tonya is our daycare provider and we couldn't be more lucky!

We also did a little fishing and he caught a birthday fish! Can't beat that!

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Sara said...

What a cute party! I love the superhero theme. My husband's obsessed with Superman, so I have a feeling our little guy will be too. I definitely see a superhero party in our future!