Thursday, September 20, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Every year we go to Glenpool, OK for the Spear Family reunion (the timing couldn't be worse because it always falls on Jack's!). This year we had an infant in tow so I was on edge the majority of the time. One year we didn't go because I was due with Jack any day, and by the next year Jack was 1 and drinking milk and no bottles or formula to drag along and he was sleeping through the night! Norah however was still getting up every 3-4 hours and I don't trust the water in different towns so I had to fill an empty milk gallon jug up with our water and I wouldn't risk washing bottles in the water either so I had to pack enough bottles for the entire trip. It was a nightmare! The best part, at this time Norah still HATED her car seat and wouldn't sleep in it longer than like 30 minutes without waking up and screaming, but to my surprise she did WONDERFUL in the car and the trip actually seemed like a turning point between her and her car seat! Here are a few pictures of the weekend and in case you are wondering; yes it's at a house in the middle of town, yes they just sit in the yard the whole time, the best part is the 10x10 foot swimming pool at the Best Western we stay at (that has the doors on the outside mind you)...need I say more?

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